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mattjouff t1_j5qocd2 wrote

Pointing out the trend that in the large majority of cases the onset is later in life doesn’t legate anything and is a valid question when looking at this study.


slickhedstrong t1_j5rd6sm wrote

your observance of a single extreme case does not mean the data that says 90%+ of victims are elderly is bad data.

and this dude's observance of the data is not him saying your friend wasn't a victim of it.

i can understand why you're volatile about it, and i'm sorry that happened.


Pr0gr3s t1_j5rune7 wrote

He probably had familial Alzheimer's, which is genetic and can occur much younger. We understand fAD pretty well, although that doesn't mean we can doing anything.

This article is talking about sporadic AD, which is around 95pct of cases.