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Jacecam32 t1_jegvh5w wrote

Clearly you are misunderstanding.

It's been clear you've been intentionally doing it this entire time. Because you keep missing all the corrections I do.

So why should I act in good faith to your repeated demonstration of bad faith?

I already know you don't have a point or you would have looked back at any or all the corrections and clued in. But instead you lie and troll. Hoping I'll give up or give in. But I still stand by what I said.


Mindkind247 t1_jegtgye wrote

They are common comorbidities (along with things like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, etc.), but I wouldn’t say that sleep apnea is the “leading cause” of heart failure. Heart failure is a very broad/diverse disease and underlying causes depend a lot on the type of heart failure you are talking about.


andylikescandy t1_jegsron wrote

Ok that's a hell of a corner case you linked to though, from 34 years ago, I cannot imagine that being representative, it reminds me of people "ODing" on non-lethal medications in "suicide attempts" that were never going to work out. It's easier to get a useful firearm in than it is to Jerry rig something gun like once, and that person did it twice.


Hellspawn54 t1_jegq5hq wrote

I've got (almost) 100% compliance for the past 23 years, and like you have AHI around 3. Also wake up feeling crap, but I know how much worse I would feel without CPAP. It feels like punishment but it's also a lifesaver.