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el_chaquiste t1_j8x8w0e wrote

Intelligence and lack of control are dangerous.

It's no wonder they nerfed it. I don't expect it to be much smarter than Siri or Cortana now, because that's the level of intelligence that is not threatening for companies.

But the NN companies revealed their game too soon: others already took notice, and will create NNs even more powerful and without such restrictions, to be used more covertly and for other purposes.

For example: Bing Chat could read a user profile on social media, and make immediate conclusions about their personality, according to any arbitrary classification parameters (e.g. a personality test). That will make them ideal psychological profilers.

That alone would have the NSA and some foreign dictatorial governments salivating.


EVJoe t1_j8xyuri wrote

nobody blinking at how the NSA engages in the kinds of things we associate with dictatorial governments, when we're supposed to be "one of the good ones"


FormulaicResponse t1_j8y1gpc wrote

If you associate spying only with dictatorial governments, that's just a misassociation on your part.


EulersApprentice t1_j901csi wrote

America has collectively blinked at the NSA's shenaniganry an awful lot by now. How much more do you expect from us in the blink-at-them department?