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DowntownYou5783 t1_ja93dzv wrote

I don't think it's laziness exactly. For a few people, work is a vocation and it's wonderful. For many people, work kind of sucks!

Now it's true that some people will idle away their days in a dopamine-infused stupor (click, click, click) should work no longer be required. But others will pursue passion projects they otherwise could not. Work sometimes gets in the way of living. It could be better for a lot of people (almost certainly a majority) if work becomes unnecessary.


dasnihil t1_ja9ir4l wrote

my job is very fulfilling and i make a lot of money and i still want UBI for everyone to have their basic needs met. OP is projecting his ideas on to other people he doesn't know about.


Chad_Abraxas t1_ja9y8ct wrote

Same here. My job is writing novels, and I make buckets of money at it. I love my work. (And I worked extremely hard to turn it into a paying career.)

I still want UBI for everyone. It's humane. It's just. There's no good excuse to NOT do it, and now that AI is looming over everyone, there's extra-extra-no good excuse not to.

After UBI, I'll still be working as hard as I ever do on my books. (And I've already figured out how to adapt AI to my workflow, so bring it on.)


Chad_Abraxas t1_ja9xwtd wrote

Yes. It's so funny to me that people think UBI = people will sit around doing nothing.

People will make art, spend time with their loved ones, go on adventures, pursue the things they love, investigate reality/expand science (in partnership with AI tools), and enjoy living.

Isn't that what we're supposed to be working towards, as a society? The high tide that lifts all boats?

Since when is WORKING to make MONEY (mostly for someone who's not you) the point of living?

Humanity will be able to do more, in terms of art, science, philosophy, religion, and love, if we don't have to work at dumbass jobs all the fucking time.