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dasnihil t1_ja9ir4l wrote

my job is very fulfilling and i make a lot of money and i still want UBI for everyone to have their basic needs met. OP is projecting his ideas on to other people he doesn't know about.


Chad_Abraxas t1_ja9y8ct wrote

Same here. My job is writing novels, and I make buckets of money at it. I love my work. (And I worked extremely hard to turn it into a paying career.)

I still want UBI for everyone. It's humane. It's just. There's no good excuse to NOT do it, and now that AI is looming over everyone, there's extra-extra-no good excuse not to.

After UBI, I'll still be working as hard as I ever do on my books. (And I've already figured out how to adapt AI to my workflow, so bring it on.)