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dasnihil t1_ja7qp21 wrote

i'm in my 30s, settling down with wife and cats, so i understand that i don't share the same angst people in 20s have right now. i would like to point out that you are one of the very few ones who see the drastic societal changes inbound. this gives you an unfair advantage to think more coherently and prepare for it. make use of it. and go educate others. i can imagine a very enthusiastic student unaware of obsolete things and how automation exists for mindless things now, knowing about singularity cushions the blow.


SoulGuardian55 t1_ja88cvj wrote

People of your age showing this angst too. It's just your personal feeling.


dasnihil t1_ja88g33 wrote

oh i agree whole heartedly. objectively, life isn't fair and identical for most humans. subjectively, you can be happy in a studio apartment and sad on a bungalow. i personally prefer the bungalow lol but i can't afford one lol.


bball8927 t1_ja88ibt wrote

I totally understand you. I have OCD and everyday something new pops up in my brain/mind and its really annoying. Have faith though. Things will get better in the next 2 to 3 years. For me I overthink everything. I truly dislike it and its so annoying. Sometimes I find it hard to just enjoy life. On the other hand I hope AI doesn't replace all jobs and I hope AI can help people get more jobs. I hope everything gets better for you as well OP!


dasnihil t1_ja89s9u wrote

even better, get everyone jobs that are more fulfilling in nature, where you have to think but not higher level cognitive thinking like programming or math.

think of a grocery bagger's job, there's not much thinking going on there. replace that with a job that reviews how bagging is currently done and maybe work with AI to find improvements on the process, and work with smart people to get it implemented. and go home after your 4 hour work day of mostly discussing ideas with people and prompting AI and be with your wife and cats. it's a 3 day work week and society is ever improving.

if you're too pessimistic to imagine what I just did, go look at early 1900s kids shoveling coal in first world countries before the age of 10. that doesn't exist anymore, our quality of life and respect for kids/older ppl has just gone up over the centuries and it won't stop. we're always seeking ultimate pleasure as a herd mind.