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CesareGhisa t1_ja7xdy2 wrote

I think you, as many people in this kind of subreddits, are over reacting. I like all AI and tech discussion, but I am pretty sure in 5, and even in 20 actually, years our lives will not be so much different than now. My life 20 years ago (pre-smartphone, as an example) was not very different than now. Ok, next developments will be bigger, but still I think that most jobs will remain. Probably using AI we will work less hours, 4 days per weeks, and so on.. but we will carry living similarly as today. Don't quit your job, keep going, you'll be fine.


arisalexis t1_ja80r1p wrote

ok I have some counter arguments:

The inventor of the smartphone did not ever say that smartphones can end humanity

There were never electrical engineers qualified and famous openly stating that their field can end humanity soon


CesareGhisa t1_ja84amk wrote

in my opinion there is a huge hype these days regarding this field. its definitely a very powerful tool, but people here forget politics, social sciences, legislation and so on. When something is very dangerous, society takes action to control the risks.