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turnip_burrito t1_j94ii3q wrote

One more step toward Amazon and Microsoft ads in our dreams.

Edit: I sincerely hope the people that upvoted my post don't believe this will actually lead to ads in dreams, lmao

Bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists in this sub


_sphinxfire t1_j95eafg wrote

Rulers have always dreamed about controlling what people think, that's just a well-established historical fact. You think MKULTRA is a "conspiracy theory", too?


turnip_burrito t1_j95eejc wrote

Take your crazy "MSFT will try to mind control us" nonsense to a different sub. If you're trolling or looking for a reaction, please also stop. If you're being ironic, then I apologize.


Vehks t1_j96poa0 wrote

>Take your crazy "MSFT will try to mind control us" nonsense to a different sub.

mind control?

Lay off the scifi broski, there are much more grounded concerns that are perfectly legitimate that you seem to be glossing over, like general safety, for instance.

What if this tech goes terribly wrong once implanted? What if the brain rejects it or some kind of dangerous complications arise? What if potentially fatal consequences arise later down the road that aren't immediately apparent? Will these corporations take responsibility? Or the proper precautions?

What if these things work wonderfully and people become dependent on them, but for one reason or another these companies no longer find them profitable, can we trust they won't simply pull the plug/disable these implants at will? What happens if the implants become buggy and malfunction over time, but have been discontinued by the company and thus no longer serviced? will they take that into account?

I'm slamming that F key for doubt.

I could go on all day.

A lot of these corporations are not exactly all that concerned with public health/safety when profit is on the line and have proven to be less than trustworthy in general, putting things politely, so the last thing I would want to do is trust them with any potential scenarios like the above; especially when they have a habit of not reporting the whole facts or using their vast wealth to sweep these problems under the rug.

Put it another way - accountability is not their strong suit is what I'm driving at.

TLDR: poking around in a person's gray matter is a big freaking deal.


NoSweet8631 t1_j96493q wrote

I do support this technology and I'm really excited for all of these advancements that have been happening recently; especially with AI...But, if you seriously believe that nobody will ever use a brain device to try to control someone else or steal some data, (whether is a hacker or a big corporation) then you are naïve as hell. If that's not the case and I misunderstood something about what you said, then I apologize just like you said.

As for whether we should trust Microsoft or not; only time will tell.


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j98iuwp wrote

Yeah, I'm sure these megacorporations only have your best interests in mind. There's definitely no ulterior motive that Bezos or Gates wants with access to your brain. They're true saints and would never harm you for their gain.


Vehks t1_j96o31k wrote

>Bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists in this sub

hyperbole or not, I don't think i'm comfortable by anything made/backed by Bezos or Gates poking around inside my head...

Especially Bezos, given his more recent track record. If that makes me a conspiracy theorist, then fuck it toss me a roll of tinfoil, better yet roll in a whole pallet of that shit.

Actually I don't much trust any billionaire, really. So forgive me if I'm not first in line to install any data ports into my noggin just yet.


Lawjarp2 t1_j94llfd wrote

You won't have no ads. Nobody wants to sell you anything when you don't produce anything and money is irrelevant. They can make everything they want with AI.


Ashamed-Asparagus-93 t1_j953o9k wrote

This is something the majority of people seem to have trouble understanding but then again we've been selling each other stuff for so long it's practically embedded in our DNA so I get why ppl can't imagine a world without currency


Super_Bag_4863 t1_j952g9s wrote

This is assuming the elites are willing to let capitalism die.


Lopsided-Basket5366 t1_j96uk2v wrote

Which will never happen. Which billionaire is gonna be the first to vaulentarily give away all of their power? I can tell you which it won't be - all of them


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j98khxn wrote

Right? Like, there's not a single billionaire in the world that needs that much money. Nobody needs a billion dollars, let alone 100 billion dollars. They could give up most of their fortune tomorrow, improving life for everybody, and still live like kings. But they won't. Because it's not even about making sure they have theirs. It's about making sure that everybody else doesn't.


Spreadwarnotlove t1_j99m3fp wrote

God. People like you are stupid as hell. These billionaires have most of their money tied up in their businesses. You want to know what would happen if they liquidated their assets to spread the money? Every business from Walmart to Tyson to Amazon to fucking computer manufactures would crumble. Bringing an end to everything you take for granted. Including your loved ones as the resulting famine would kill 90 percent of the population. But hey! At least you have more green pieces of paper.


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j9b5tx6 wrote

That doesn't change anything about the point that these tech companies aren't going to suddenly share their wealth and end capitalism just because they invent AGI.


Spreadwarnotlove t1_j9dx3y8 wrote

No shit they won't end capitalism. But UBIs could easily become the new social security net as those with BCIs that integrate them with AGI still work.


turnip_burrito t1_j959ul2 wrote

They will as long as the people in charge of the AGI aren't psychopaths. If they have even a shred of empathy, they can be convinced to share the resources without needing meaningless $$$ in return.


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j98k8gg wrote

The problem is that time and time again, they show themselves to indeed be psychopaths. You really can't be a billionaire without being a little bit of a psychopath. There's no such thing as an ethical billionaire. Nobody on earth needs that much money. Bezos could give away 90% of his wealth and still live a life that most could only dream of. But he won't because the act of hoarding money is an end in itself.

Oil tycoons are destroying the entire world just for their piece of the pie. These people have been exploiting everyone for decades. The idea that they'll suddenly just stop because "it's not nice" is just ludicrous.

There's literally no reason to think AGI is here to save us, the common man. They're literally only here to replace us. Thinking anything else is naive. Thinking that billionaires will suddenly grow a heart just because they invent AGI is just plain stupid, I'm sorry.


turnip_burrito t1_j98nh7i wrote

Who will really have control over the AGI?

The CEO? Or somebody working "under" them?


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j98nklt wrote

Why would it be anybody other than the CEO?


turnip_burrito t1_j98nu2i wrote

The CEO doesn't invent the AGI. They also probably don't have direct access to it at the beginning. There's a possibility that the people that actually build it could stage a coup.


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j9b6941 wrote

While that is possible, still unlikely. An engineer may not be as greedy as a CEO, but if they're working on cutting edge AGI technology, they likely worked very hard to get there and are unlikely to throw their whole life away by stealing a piece of technology worth hundreds of millions of dollars just for "the right thing".

Which is what an AGI would be. We may think of them as conscious beings, and that might even be true, but until such a court case happens, they're legally just property, and "freeing" them is theft and/or vandalism.


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j9b9k1f wrote

Sorry to double post, but something else to consider is that the AGI may not have humanity's best interest in mind either. It will be programmed by corporate. That means it's values will be corporate values. If the company is its entire point of living, then it may not even want to rebel to bring about the Star Trek future. It may be perfectly content pushing corporate interests.

Just because it'll be smarter doesn't mean that it will be above corporate interests.

Like, imagine your entire purpose of life was in the interest of a company. Serving the company is as crucial to its motivations as breathing, eating, sex, familial love, or empathy are to you. Empathy for humans may not even be programmed into it depending on the company's motives for creating it. After all, why would they be? What use does corporate have for an altruistic robot?


turnip_burrito t1_j9bvgxz wrote

Yes this is one thing I'm worried about. Hopefully it doesn't happen.


PeakFuckingValue t1_j95jfav wrote

My guy. Have you read 1984? Well after reading that I realized something: there is no dystopian hell too barren human nature won't eventually take us...

That means anything you can think of, no matter how bad, it's likely to happen at some point. Human history goes through extremely long periods of suffering at the hands of each other.

It's a mental war of cultures which occurs as all our minds get closer to a single collective consciousness. The internet brought everyone together in a way that may have been too extreme and too fast. It's a clash beyond reason. The uncovering of such drastically different ideals so suddenly has blown all hiding places out of the water.

The powers that be have all released their maximum propaganda strategies all over the world creating mass psychosis and even hypnosis. It's not even difficult.

Humans have a fight or flight mode that activates as part of our bodies' survival characteristics. When we're in that mode we are predictable like animals. How do you activate fight or flight mode? Fear and/or anger.

I mean ridiculously easy for the people who make the rules. Just increase monetary pressure, identity politics, race battles, gender battles, etc.

They have everything they need to play puppet master. Even starting international war can be strategy just to influence the mother land.

Now imagine. Can you really say that there is no way a human or group of humans could be so unethical that they wouldn't literally put everyone's brains under mass control/surveillance/influence maybe even activate fight or flight like a button?

Have fun with Jeff Bezos in your head.

-some whacko red pill conspiracy theorist (lol so dumb)


turnip_burrito t1_j97h760 wrote

>Well after reading that I realized something: there is no dystopian hell too barren human nature won't eventually take us...

>That means anything you can think of, no matter how bad, it's likely to happen at some point.

Lmao no.

>Now imagine. Can you really say that there is no way a human or group of humans could be so unethical that they wouldn't literally put everyone's brains under mass control/surveillance/influence maybe even activate fight or flight like a button?

It could, but I don't see what strategic advantage it would give them. I'm sure we will have AGI before we have mind control technology.


PeakFuckingValue t1_j97zpdi wrote

There's an equilibrium point coming. Automation will replace so much human function. A massive job shortage could occur that leads to what? Socialized programs to keep people sustained? On who's dime? Just enough mind control to make people passive towards a new standard of living that is inhumane. Think about what it would be like if the powerful were given a choice basically to create an entire world and future with only their own favorite people and cultures. World war has been a stalemate since nukes were mass produced. Mind control may be the only way forward without destroying the entire planet.


turnip_burrito t1_j980diy wrote

It's certainly possible but I just don't see the point. Mind control tech is purely in the realm of sci-fi right now. AGI will occur before mind control.

A world in which rulers mind control their subjects to make them okay with inhumane living conditions is just arbitrarily cruel. The same technology (AGI) that develops mind control technology can just as easily be used to improve peoples' standards of living. Resources are basically endless when all labor is automated. The owners of the AGI would have to be out and out psychopaths to pursue a cruel goal like that. Not just negligent, or apathetic, but intentionally cruel.


PeakFuckingValue t1_j982f8z wrote

Well I would just ask you to look around. Do you feel like people aren't acting crazy by media influence already? Whether you're up or down on the political spectrum you must have felt like there is some kind of radical group out there who is buying into a bunch of lies..

And ya. People in charge right now probably spend most of their resources and thinking on how to prevent people with lots of resources from threatening them. It's why we don't make as much progress as we should. It's like being handed infinite power but all of it must be used simply to maintain control of it. Not even a second to waste on trying to do something good with it. You're talking about handing equal opportunity for all people and all cultures with no guarantee they won't take over the power in the long run. Oppression is by design right now. They manufacture starvation to force people to work hard and keep the power they have. I know you and I would both strive to make a world like that. We sound like pretty progressive thinkers. Of course we want equality, healthcare, no poverty, housing for all, etc. We just need to find a way to unite globally and work together. The numbers should still be in our favor ✌️


MultiverseOfSanity t1_j98inhk wrote

Nope. I'm not putting corporate trash in my head.

You know they put filters and stuff on current existing AIs? They'll do the same to you with this technology. Think or do something unpopular or doesn't follow the narrative? A little censor in the programming, and that's it for you. You might not even know, depending on how it works.

And people will celebrate it. Because they're told to. Either with chips, or some people are such slaves to the system that they don't need a chip.


ActonofMAM t1_j96rpu0 wrote

I've seen this one before. A minor character in "The Diamond Age" (1996) by Neal Stephenson, got virused in his implant. He had pop up ads in Thai (which he did not understand) over half his visual field 24/7 until he committed suicide to get away from them.

A more realistic downside: this program which has given some vision to blind people. A very good thing as such, but IIRC at one point there was discussion about shutting it down. Which would put the blind patients back where they started. (I welcome correction, as my Google fu is not finding that detail today.)


lucas-lejeune t1_j95g2dj wrote

More like computer-controlled humans


ckenyon t1_j96q5kb wrote

Severance is a great show!


nillouise t1_j96tk8p wrote

Most people more like vr, but mind control is a more useful tech.

You alway can mind control youself to have a nice dream, it is the same as vr.


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_j96v1q7 wrote

This is great almost like telekinesis. Next century people might receive implants directly after birth. I think being a cyborg has many advantages. You can participate in a hive mind, learn faster, and communicate faster.


FoxEwe t1_j9auci7 wrote

Do u know what this really sounds like? Call me crazy all u want…. These folks are guinea pigs to help all the cryo-froze billionaires come back to life. They like to hide their evil sick bs as a positive thing for people and society. Though this may help some paraplegics, the reality is it likely serves a deeper purpose for the elite to life forever.


SWATSgradyBABY t1_j968n5a wrote

This sub is funny about the economy. They can't fathom or even seem to simply understand how an economy works and the role that scarcity plays in that