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maskedpaki t1_ja9bjz3 wrote

62 words per minute Is crazy

I'm not even sure I think that many lol


jrstelle OP t1_ja9c3n9 wrote

Stoked to see what neuralink will be like in 5-10 years


styxboa t1_jaax8bx wrote

Everyone with the means to afford Neuralink (or whatever BCIs are called at that time) turning into a human calculator in 15 years is kind of inevitable, right?


VanceIX t1_jaaz78z wrote

It depends on how invasive and reversible Neuralink is. With the way tech grows anything you buy today will be outdated in 5 years.

Not a problem if it’s your smartphone.

An enormous problem if you’ve got a glorified calculator permanently soldered to your brain with no way of upgrading it.


turnip_burrito t1_ja9p7hw wrote

In curious too. When you're thinking, doesn't an entire sentence of internal dialogue flash through your mind in an instant? But then there are long periods with no internal dialogue in between. I wonder what it averages out to.


dasnihil t1_ja9qyc5 wrote

to add to this bitchass complexity, the brain's activity is not just for us thinking and talking but it's regulating your lungs and heartbeat and plethora of noisy signals going on in there. i can imagine us toying with very specific regions of the brain for ignoring most of the noise. it's going to be a fascinating decade. all our dreams come true, both good ones and frightening ones.


maskedpaki t1_ja9qqxz wrote

I think its more "think the following 62 words in this text as fast as you can " i.e its people reading and the bci catching the words.


erkjhnsn t1_jaag2ky wrote

Yeah that or, 'think very clearly of a sentence, in order, focus on it, and repeat it again and again.'

More likely just reading though.


maskedpaki t1_jaalnxj wrote

Yeah that or, 'think very clearly of a sentence, in order, focus on it, and repeat it again and again.'


unlikely. this would be a very bad test for the system since its a prediction model and predicting the same sentence the 4th time voids the purpose of the test.


lr89-hk t1_jabpynz wrote

Cool resource. Thanks for sharing!