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SgathTriallair t1_j8kaduu wrote

Why would you want it to prompt you? Are you wanting to make friends with an AI or have it be your boss?

I can't think of a scenario where I want an AI to talk to me unprompted. This excludes things like having an appointment it reminds me of our giving me a morning update on the news as those would be on a schedule that I agreed to.


arisalexis t1_j8khc7c wrote

Some Japanese get married to 8bit girl friends.. just fyi


phloydde OP t1_j8l82hz wrote

You are being short sighted. Imagine an assistant AI who reminds you that you shouldn’t be eating that donut because your doctor told you that you are pre diabetic. To have an AI companion would mean you could offload a lot of cognitive work and focus on other things… I keep thinking of the English gentleman and his man servent