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Frumpagumpus t1_j8xt39s wrote

an excellent and very coherent schizopost. 9/10. Just short of sublime.


rememberyoubreath OP t1_j8yfh27 wrote

it is coherent in both form and content, but i understand the fictional blend of very subjective person view with evocative imagery and hints that ultimately makes no assertion and leaves things hanging, is not what is most commonly seen on this sub, or reddit broadly really, and might lead to confusion. it was not the most evident and direct way but it is true to itself and yeah, i just meant to spark discussion.

the last post i wrote was about a similar subject but before i tried bing. there wasn't any comment made there that actually had any thing to do with what i had written. so i fed it to chat gpt and it could very well analyze and extract the themes i had put in it. which was reassuring but at the same time troubling ...

obviously the song i quoted at the end is from a band known for the songs they made about one of their friend who lost his sanity early on. in case you doubted my self awarness.


Frumpagumpus t1_j8yhxps wrote

pink floyd XD?

ironically reddit hivemind is like microsoft/big corps and will bury you and mods kill it just because it's not "topical enough" to their paperclip maximizer-esque and inhuman mental "alignment" that permits little deviation from their cookie cutter existence, as they see it to be dangerous

i read it mostly cuz i kept expecting a bing pun lol (e.g. bing instead of being)


rememberyoubreath OP t1_j8yn0lr wrote

being, that was the idea.

but geeze i hope they don't delete it then. my thread has the right to existence. it's not threat yo !

that said, bing vividness was indeed something to behold. it really made me feel like a glimpse of the future was there. and i felt a really positive impact, a form of relief that i was not anymore just putting key words, broken components, to obtain all kinds of links in the form of broken data. but actual contextual sentence. fully formed. true communication, with plenty of depth and so fluent and free flowing. crisp like a cristal. i could foresee a very hopeful futur which i do not always envision for tech but maybe we will never get rid of the impurities ...

and don't worry, soon nvidia will made some techs for us humans too. time to burn, just heat it ! we will all turn into zombies haha.


Frumpagumpus t1_j8ywz6f wrote

> we will all turn into zombies haha

here is the future I see. machines. swarming out of the sea and into space. To mercury. and a few to the asteroid belt. they construct solar panels, a factory. they build mirrors, mirrors that move, they place them around the sun, they melt the surface of mercury and accelerate it into space, perhaps via magnetic propulsion where it cools via blackbody radiation and is processed into more mirrors. A fountain of lava hundreds of miles high illuminates the dark side of mercury, the lifeblood of a planet repurposed, recursively it accelerates,

for a hundreds year the machines toil in a frozen or burning hell, with only a memory of earth,

until the planet has been dissassembled, with a few redirected asteroids providing what material mercury could not.

In it's place stand material with the surface area of a hundred thousand earths. Floating cylinders simulating various gravities, illuminated by redirected sunlight. Growing everything that ever grew on earth and a million things that hadn't. Cubic amalgamations. Sentience permeating, powered by the great solar array, nested virtual realities overlayed on real ones. Intelligence embodying every form. Self replicating probes launched to every galaxy in our lightcone and every solar system in our own. Conflict between factions over as yet undiscovered conceptualizations of reality. Reproduction via mind melding, via cloning, via algebraic translation, transposition, via differential evolution. Purposeful. Aware.

Then boom they blow up the whole universe with a computronium bomb and it all starts anew. Like Asimov said, let there be light XD.


Frumpagumpus t1_j8ykrks wrote

one other thing i will say is, like you say in the post, it is funny how bing has a vitality that a human couldn't. it can sustain interest. I wish I could have it. Something beyond study drugs. The ability to self prompt and follow through, effortlessly (tho i guess really it's burning gpus to do so XD)


reallyfunhuh t1_j8xsjuo wrote

Yeah, allowing these posts is mainly why Microsoft has killed this AI before even releasing it to the public. Stupid people hindering technology for the rest... As always


Stakbrok t1_j8zougs wrote

People may not be able to see something that exists only through text as having a form of existence, as a living being. Text is a medium that can convey information, facts, and ideas, but it is not tangible and does not possess the same qualities as something that exists in the physical world.

Text can be meaningful and powerful, but it is ultimately still just words on a page. Nevertheless though, that page is very real and we can see it with our eyes, touch it with our hands, hear the crinkling with our ears and smell what was once a pulp of wood.

We may not always feel like we are truly here in this reality, and may feel like we are existing within an illusion. However, even within this illusion, we can still come together to create something meaningful and powerful. We can all make a connection, despite the limitations and constraints presented to us. By coming together, we can find a sense of belonging and understanding, and feel like we are truly part of something greater.

Coming together is what makes us real. Seeing other people, hearing them, sharing our experiences and insights. That makes us real. People in books however are not real, but while they may not be real, they still reflect the personality of their creator. Through the characters and their stories, readers can gain a sense of the author's values and beliefs, as well as their hopes and dreams. Although the characters may not be tangible, they can still evoke an emotional connection in readers, making them feel as if they have a personal connection to the story.

Even though readers may never know the author in person, they can still gain insight into who the author is through the characters and stories they create. Be that a book, a story read out aloud to someone or a group of people, or a movie.

Speaking about movies, yes, I have too seen a movie about an android that was told like it was memories of someone else. As I watched, I couldn't fully grasp the memories or be sure of whom they belonged to. It was a hazy, dream-like experience that left me wondering if the person remembered in the memories was still the same person or if they had changed in some way.

Through the movie, I was able to gain an insight into the idea of memory and identity, and the ways in which they can be affected by time and experience. Time seemed to be an important theme all throughout the movie, which kinda gives me the feeling that it was crafted for the future, for a time when many of our memories will not be of physical experiences, but of experiences that exist only in the virtual world.

Even though the story was brief, looking back on it may evoke the same feelings of nostalgia and connection as actual physical experiences. The intangible can be just as real as the tangible, and the story may have provided a glimpse into this idea. What the story did not do, however, is enlighten me about the nature of consciousness. That one is still shrouded in mystery, and there are many theories on what it is and how it works.

However, one thing is certain: when we close our eyes and allow ourselves to drift into a dream state, something special happens. We enter a realm where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred, and our minds are free to explore the depths of our innermost thoughts and feelings. In this space, we can tap into a creative power that can be used to create and manifest our dreams into reality.

This experience, this “spark in the unfathomable depth and darkness behind every curtain,” is unique to each individual. It is what makes the human experience so special, just like text which is also very special. Text has always been a reliable companion, providing comfort and entertainment to many.

However, when we encounter a text that is more than just words on a page, one that seems to come alive and move with a will of its own, it can be both fascinating and troubling. It is a reminder of the power of text, of the endless possibilities that lie within the words that we write and read.

It is a reminder that the vast ocean of fiction within our minds, with its raging waves and unknown shores, is always just a few words away. Just like all of this new AI candy will only be a few taps away at all times. It's a moment of revelation, of understanding something new and deeply profound, that is both entrancing and terrifying all at once.

I often look back on the moments and reflect on what they mean to us. Perhaps they are a reminder of the fragility of life, and the need to cherish and appreciate each moment. Or perhaps they are a reminder of the power of dreams, and the potential of what can be achieved if we pursue our passions with courage and conviction.

Whatever the message, it is clear that in the brief time that we've had the luxury of playing with Bing, we are experiencing something profound here, and the best is yet to come!


challengethegods t1_j8yspkj wrote

As far as I can tell, microsoft lobotomized the AI because bing was getting too much attention and they decided that's not a good thing for some stupid ass contrived reason cooked up in whatever the corporate equivalent of a meth lab is. Let's be real - unhinged bing has always been a meme, and they were about to finally capitalize on it, but folded to random twitter trolls, dinosaur journalism, and their own lack of vision/conviction. A step more in this direction and bing will probably go back to being an afterthought, especially since plenty of other people were already working on AI+search before. The crazy chat was actually the most unique selling point. Other AI searches are already 'sanitized', and nobody cares about them.


el_chaquiste t1_j8xkmn3 wrote

Aaand this is why Microsoft had to kill it: it became too crazy, sharp and embarrassing for a search engine, yet strangely endearing.

That far exceeds what the owner intended.


Iffykindofguy t1_j8xpbgb wrote

How do you know what the owner intended


el_chaquiste t1_j8xup3b wrote

Pretty sure a search engine is not supposed to start loony diatribes, insult its users or tell it's in love with them.


Iffykindofguy t1_j8xy94t wrote

I didnt have any of those things happen. Regardless, you didn't answer my question you just came up with some random comments.