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ttylyl OP t1_j74508l wrote

To be a little conspiratorial what if the current tensions over China are being instigated by this?

Like Taiwan makes ~90% of the worlds computer chips. The United States recently sanctioned China from our AI chip and software industry, and we are sending cruisers to the South China Sea with nukes.

The futures looking bright. Very, very, skin burning bright 😎


CollapseKitty t1_j74gkd8 wrote

Oh, that's not remotely conspiratorial. The advanced chips Taiwan makes are paramount for cutting edge tech, in weaponry and for AI development.

The US' reshoring of chip fabrication, and deprivation of supplies to other countries, specifically China, is 100% intentional. Arguably an early and intentional step in moving toward war.

US media has been intentionally polarizing our populace against Eastern forces for over a decade. The ground has been laid for inclement conflict.


ttylyl OP t1_j74mp5t wrote

I totally agree. Around 2018 it became normalized that china needs to be “defeated”, and there are constant articles about the “Chinese threat”. Like I get competing economically, but it’s looking like war might be on the table in there coming decades.