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Tavrin t1_j9p5467 wrote

Seems like every time a cutting edge AI technology gets released to the public and becomes mainstream people just wanna show off about it. We got it with Stable Diffusion, and now ChatGPT, until the next big thing.

We get it, it's cool and all. But after more than a month of spamming the same things all the time it gets old real fast.


Jaxraged t1_j9raopq wrote

Its almost like humans are social creatures or something that seek validation and interaction. Presumably thats why you're commenting on reddit.


KaptainKraken t1_j9s8a8s wrote

thems chatgpt fans can ask chatgpt for some validation then i guess.


InitialCreature t1_j9qwurb wrote

bro please trust me bro, crypto backed web 3.0 is so good man, it's going to change everything. trust me this funny monkey picture is a store in value, please bro I'm begging you to look into this distributed currency application.


94746382926 t1_j9pg9qq wrote

I 100% agree, but I made a poll about 2 weeks ago asking people's opinion if they should be banned or only allowed on certain days. The results were like 70% in favor of them. I don't understand it


mindbleach t1_j9qmipa wrote

The lowest common denominator ruins a lot of things. People who just wanna click some buttons can easily pad out a subreddit of any size and put low-effort crap on its front page, day after day. And they'll say 'well why not make a subreddit for just you whiners,' even if the sub they're in was already a replacement that got overrun again.


mcilrain t1_j9r1czw wrote

Is it really the idiots fault? Or the "geniuses" who keep failing at gatekeeping?


mindbleach t1_j9r1mmi wrote

What the fuck do you expect people to do?

edit: And why do you naysayers keep inserting "idiot" into a description of popular casual interest? I'm not fucking shy. If I meant to call these people stupid, you would know.


mcilrain t1_j9r31hd wrote

Moderate according to principals rather than to appease the majority. Cultivate a culture that ignores and/or bullies idiots. This is what is typically done.

The lowest common denominator of internet commentators has a low intelligence by definition, "idiot" is a word for people of low intelligence.


mindbleach t1_j9r5sd6 wrote

First asshole: 'You're wrong, you're just acting superior to people with different interests!' No.

Second asshole: 'You are plainly mistaken, casuals are by definition lesser human beings.' Very no.

Fuck the both of you.


Accomplished_Box_907 t1_j9qoot9 wrote

Reddit works by engagement. If it isn’t a good post you won’t see it often. Stop being a pretentious dick. Where’s your Phd? I’m sure you provide soo much insight.


mindbleach t1_j9qr85u wrote

"Nothing popular can be wrong!," says dull troll. "How dare you have preferences, unless you're a super genius."

Fuck your abusive rhetoric, fuck your irrational motivations, and to the extent allowed by any sub with well-meaning but ultimately harmful demands for unearned respect, fuck you personally.

A stranger on the internet dryly criticized the actions of large groups. You spat venom about imaginary individual failings. Re-evaluate how you use the internet, you wound-up patience vampire.


Hunter62610 t1_j9qvjdj wrote

I love them personally. It's interesting seeing what AI "has to say". I know it's not alive, but it still talks.


TheRidgeAndTheLadder t1_j9szkx9 wrote

Depends I guess.

You broke the LLM? Story time!

You had a therapy shesh with GPT? Yeah, not interested.


Hunter62610 t1_j9tuphb wrote

I want to see the actual effort and interplay of man and machine. You asked for a story about a little robot's dream of going to space? Boring. You spent 3 days fleshing out the same prompt and writing in details, refining, illustrating, reading, ect? Awesome.


Agreeable_Bid7037 t1_j9srhl4 wrote

I actually like to hear people's interesting interactions with AI, it even gives me ideas to try out later. I personally have asked it all I could think of to ask it.


FomalhautCalliclea t1_j9qggw5 wrote

I agree with your disdain for those, but maybe banning might sound as a too extreme solution ?


AbyssalRedemption t1_j9r481t wrote

It’s the cool new toy, give it a few months, people will get over it. Or at least, it’ll fade into the background.


Bakagami- OP t1_j9rei2f wrote

People were saying the same thing with Dall-E and SD. Technically they were right, but by that time there were already new 'toys' available so the underlying problem is still here, it just shifted from Dall-E to chatGPT. And the same thing will happen again and again at this rate of progress if we don't make up our minds to setup some rules.


Daealis t1_j9sem7d wrote

People, as a general rule, are idiots. Ask anyone who's met me!

But on a serious note, I don't think polling works. Polling requires less engagement than typing out a comment, so people that only casually stroll by to read topics and chuckle at memes, but never contribute otherwise, will vote on a poll.

You're not getting an accurate picture from people who engage with content.

AI generated chatter seems like meme content at this point. When we reach a point where the AI is conscious rather than just an overcomplicated predetermined logic tree, then it feels to me like we should return to the discussion with a different tone.


TFenrir t1_j9p35nk wrote

I generally agree, but sometimes I feel like there are very interesting conversations around improved functionality - I never share any of these myself, but if I saw one I would be interested. Here are a few examples from one particular person on Twitter who likes to put Bing through the ringer:

There are more from that user that are interesting, and some things that are interesting is just how much more sophisticated Bing is at lying/hallucinating.

In general, I don't think that these tweets are thread worthy, but for example there are expected Bing updates today that might improve quality of updates, or add more options, or maybe in the near future updates that give Bing access to more tools (ala Toolformer), so I wouldn't want a hard and fast "don't share any chatbot outputs" rules.


Cryptizard t1_j9ouc8l wrote

Could not agree more. I think there should be a sub rule prohibiting posting random conversations with AI or it is just going to get worse as this stuff becomes more accessible.


redroverdestroys t1_j9pm43m wrote

all these got damn rules. just don't click it! you don't have to read it.

people who say "we need censorship because I don't like this thing" are just MEH.

If its not injuring people, racism, sexism etc, just leave it be, man.


Gym_Vex t1_j9pt1iu wrote

It’s useless clutter that rarely adds anything to the conversation.

Spam emails don’t harm people but are considered a nuisance that people block all the time. What’s wrong with getting rid of junk?


Artanthos t1_j9qm384 wrote

So are the cries to ban content that harms nobody.


Revolutionary_Soft42 t1_j9sk8hy wrote pointer knuckle , it is stiff from scrolling through chatbot convos . I am a human being in suffering .


redroverdestroys t1_j9pue9q wrote

> It’s useless clutter that rarely adds anything to conversation.

no its not. I LOVE reading it. It's great content that adds everything.

Now what? You want to act as if your opinion is worth more than mine? And that your opinion is why we should censor people?

THe fuck is wrong with you guys thought process? You want to live in Russia go to Russia.


Cryptizard t1_j9pytw8 wrote

Then make a sub for chatgpt conversations. It's not this one.


redroverdestroys t1_j9q1npe wrote

Nope. You don't get to dictate to anyone what this sub is. The nerve of you people. This is not YOUR sub. Go run your own sub.

edit: /u/_gr4m_ you see me trying to censor people from the sub? Logic, my guy, do you understand it?


Cryptizard t1_j9qjin2 wrote

The community does and it seems like they mostly agree with me not you.


redroverdestroys t1_j9qpqg5 wrote

A lot of people agreed with Hitler too, is that the barometer for censorship now?

LMAO you people just want to censor because its something you personally dont like. Go to China


Cryptizard t1_j9qresh wrote

That’s literally the point of this entire fucking website. People make subs for a topic they like and moderate it to keep it on topic. If you want to see this and the other people here don’t, make a new sub. Regardless, it’s not wanted here.


redroverdestroys t1_j9qrmvz wrote

LMAO no, its YOU guys who need to make a new sub.

It's not being censored, you are crying about wanting it to be censored, but guess what?


You are the one that needs to go make a new sub and stop complaining and mucking up this sub with useless cry baby threads.

the actual audacity on you weirdos is NUTS to me. GO MAKE ANOTHER SUB IF YOU DONT LIKE IT!

All you are going to do is make people like me now make these threads more. Just ignore the threads if don't like them! Why is that so hard for you to do? Why would you rather cry about censoring them instead?

Stop thinking you have any power here, Donald Trump.

edit: this PYSCHO blocked me on here, but he is crying because he can't just ignore threads he doesn't like. Dude needs help like for real.


_gr4m_ t1_j9r89du wrote

But you think it is YOUR sub? Go away and run your own


Gym_Vex t1_j9pw92g wrote

Hey man if you want to eat garbage go ahead ;]

Most people hate random low effort gpt spam and would like for it to be removed from the sub. It’s just not relevant to the singularity or ai research. Sorry that the rest of us want to see things that aren’t low effort.


[deleted] t1_j9px3q4 wrote



Gym_Vex t1_j9pzu9w wrote

I just want the sub to be moderated properly in accordance with its own rules :| you know there are dedicated subs for the content you want right? Why do you want to force this sub to be something it’s not?


Viciouspom t1_j9q4wa5 wrote

Sheesh dude relax lol.

It's becoming spammy and filled with nonsense that's adding 0 value to the discussion. Do you go through your SPAM inbox everyday looking for content too? Be reasonable, there's still plenty of places for you to read other people's prompts.


redroverdestroys t1_j9q6jtn wrote

> Sheesh dude relax lol.

LMAO@ this gas lighting bullshit

you weirdos want to tell everyone that your opinion is fact and then attempt to force your opinion into censorship of the board in things that YOU want, and then on top of that want people to relax?

You sound like a fucking cop. Are you a fucking cop? Because I can't stand cops.


Hotchillipeppa t1_j9qc93h wrote

It’s not a fact, it’s just an opinion seemingly most people in this sub would agree with.


redroverdestroys t1_j9qpqst wrote

A lot of people agreed with Hitler too, is that the barometer for censorship now?

LMAO you people just want to censor because its something you personally dont like. Go to China


Hotchillipeppa t1_j9qx34l wrote

Holy fuck dude it’s literally a type of post, which has many other subs that are precisely for what you want,not a genocide, fuck off with the disingenuous comparison, not even worth responding to if you are gonna cry fascism at what a majority of people on the sub want.


nklarow t1_j9s6qsj wrote

Jesus dude you are undhinged. Just shouting into the void about wanting bullshit low effort ChatGPT to remain on this awesome sub. Calm the fuck down nobody is gaslighting you.


redroverdestroys t1_j9sbftm wrote

yall are very clearly gas lighting. You want to censor shit and tell people to "relax" after. And I am the unhinged one? I'm not the one crying about censoring content on here, that's you guys.

like the fuck is wrong with you people? Just be good people.


nklarow t1_j9sc83a wrote

It's not censoring to have an overwhelming opinion on something. You need to understand what censoring is, because this is not it.

And yes, I will still tell you to calm the fuck down. Your argument is completely lost and drowned out by your anger. If anyone even cared what you had to say, you can't articulate for shit so you sound like a raving lunatic.

There are ways to get your point across and debate without sounding like a child, something that seems lost on you.


redroverdestroys t1_j9so7c8 wrote

lmao there is no overwhelming anything. another thread will get upvoted telling you guys to STFU. its an echo chamber. You guys are just selfish bullies who want to censor stuff that you don't like. Selfish as hell, you are the problem, you have always been the problem. Guys like you are terrible.

"Hey i want to censor something, oh you don't agree? Well YOU are the child!"

like stfu, cop. we don't take kindly to your directives, we don't take kindly to your censorship.


nklarow t1_j9tixr5 wrote

Your only insult is calling people cops. At this point it's just fun to see how angry you're getting.


redroverdestroys t1_j9v3qr0 wrote

you want to censor people from posting content that you don't like

you get off on people not liking censorship

you are actually psychotic.


nklarow t1_j9v4fct wrote

Keep going, I'm getting my popcorn ready.


Revolutionary_Soft42 t1_j9skpwi wrote

Are you a criminal ? My pointer knuckle aches from scrolling through chatbot convos , the assault is continuous, my knuckle is like a Ukrainian who was here first and the chatbot convo Russians are invading acting like they can install thier Ai-chatpuppet Convo gov, I will keep resisting and swiping up , no matter what the cost .


redroverdestroys t1_j9socpr wrote

here first? is that how you think this works? you get to censor because you were here a month before other people?

LMAO the childish whiny audacity from you all


TeamPupNSudz t1_j9q0wdn wrote

> just don't click it! you don't have to read it.

Opinions like this are why the majority of the main subs on Reddit are garbage. We don't need that here.


redroverdestroys t1_j9q1f5t wrote

why don't YOU make your own sub then?


TeamPupNSudz t1_j9q1zi1 wrote

I don't need to, places like this exist. Quality communities that have a defined and narrow subject space, and members who contribute quality content to that space. Not dozens of posts all boiling down to "LOL lOoK wHaT SyDnEy sAiD!!11" by a bunch of frontpagers that drown out actual content. Go to /r/ChatGPT if you want that.


_gr4m_ t1_j9r7xm5 wrote

And then that sub gets popular by its high quality, draws a lot of people who starts to post garbage and when criticized reply with "why don’t YOU make your own sub then?" and the cycle continous.


redroverdestroys t1_j9s1giq wrote

if the mods think its a problem, the mods will take care of it. just tell them.

its their sub, not yours, not mine.


TinyBurbz t1_j9prp9w wrote

>If its not injuring people, racism, sexism etc, just leave it be, man.

Eschewing manners is cool, man.


redroverdestroys t1_j9pu21q wrote

manners? MANNERS?

this isn't about manners. people are posting content they enjoy posting, that isn't hurting anyone.

you guys don't like the content, and want rules in place to stop the content. you want to abuse power to shield your eyes.

and you want to talk about manners. Wild.


TinyBurbz t1_j9pxxck wrote

>manners? MANNERS?

please stop shouting its rude.

Nice block pussy.

So much for "You just want to abuse power and hide things from your eyes"


hsoj95 t1_j9rpcyo wrote

Was gonna say, I followed the sub because of stuff like that. If you don't like it, scroll past it. Or contribute your own material on a different subject or topic.


wordyplayer t1_j9pzodj wrote

Agree. I do like reading them in the chatGPT forums, but they should be more rare here. Else, what about a flair for us to filter on, call it “chatGPT responses”


ihateshadylandlords t1_j9oyvpy wrote


Like we get it guys, you use Bing/GPT to be more efficient for work/projects and it has interesting responses. We don’t need 100 threads about the same product.


islet_deficiency t1_j9q9vox wrote

yeah but did you realize that if you do [this thing talked about every day for the past month] it responds with [the same thing that was talked about every day for the last month] ?!?!


MaterialDisplay8701 t1_j9pnsga wrote

I mean if dreams had just been invented as the result of thousands of years of human ingenuity, decades of explicit effort and with every sign that they'll see huge improvements over the next decade, I'm sure people would be at least a little interested in hearing about your dreams

Flooding /singularity may not be the best way to share them, though


Tall-Junket5151 t1_j9p1w6u wrote

Same with AI art, I enjoy AI art but there are special subs for it. Typing in “singularity” into Stable Diffusion or Midjourney and posting the generic results here is not interesting content. It’s low effort and just reduces the quality of the sub.


brihamedit t1_j9p8531 wrote

No its not. And people shouldn't stop. Don't post insignificant mundane stuff though.


HAL_9_TRILLION t1_j9psxms wrote

We have a machine that can understand questions and answer them, mostly correctly in natural English. Today the chorus is "OK we get it, there's a machine that can chat, now fuck off about it." Not three years ago it was "you're dreaming, that won't happen for a hundred years, if ever." SMH my head.


brihamedit t1_j9ptclc wrote

I think people don't fully comprehend how important these things are. Also people have to keep playing around with chatgpt and other ai. More brewing in people's hearts and minds will make better iterations in the future.


Gohoyo t1_j9pkhfm wrote

There's nothing wrong with sharing dreams or AI conversations. The problem with those things is that people are shitty storytellers and don't know how to keep things short. If you simply tell people you had a weird dream about XYZ, I'm sure they'd appreciate it. If you go into exquisite detail and make it a fucking LOTR epic saga, peoples eyes will glaze over.


ArgentStonecutter t1_j9pjv5y wrote

If you're actually having a conversation with an AI, by all means post about it, but no actual spoilers from the future. If you're from an advanced parallel dimension like the timeline where the Roman Empire never fell, it's all good.


throwaway_890i t1_j9pm5s1 wrote

> where the Roman Empire never fell,

In the dimension I live in the Roman Empire changed its name to the Roman Catholic Church which didn't fall.


ArgentStonecutter t1_j9z13tc wrote

It could be argued that that's how it fell.

I was thinking more like Peter F. Hamilton's novel "Watching Trees Grow", or Fred Pohl's "Waiting for the Olympians".


RadRandy2 t1_j9pq202 wrote

Ah man, and here I thought I'd see something interesting in this sub.


flying-tree-god t1_j9pstsf wrote

I have been using it more as something g to bounce story ideas and themes off of and to edit my stories and ideas. I ignore alot of what I see posted about it, because it seems to be just people trying to test the boundaries of it. Which is good just not the boundaries I'm interested in.


Artanthos t1_j9qllcf wrote

Would you prefer people not telling you something is AI generated?

Never mind, people are having conniptions over that too.


coolcool68 t1_j9pawi1 wrote

Still most people don't know what AI is capable of and how the future will be shaped by it. They will truly know when it comes to their work, & which makes them unnecessary.


FaceDeer t1_j9pdns0 wrote

Depends on the context. Just yesterday I was in a big discussion over on /r/books about the uses of ChatGPT for writing books and there were plenty of situations where anecdotes about conversations I've had with ChatGPT were highly relevant.


GlobusGlobus t1_j9pj33r wrote

I have heard this take several times now. It is the worst take.

What he is trying to say is nothing has any meaning and that we can as well just focus all our attention to maximize genocide and rape. Very useless opinion.


Spire_Citron t1_j9qcz8l wrote

I find them interesting sometimes. Subs like this seem like the place for it.


lurking_intheshadows t1_j9qku5m wrote

theres r/chatgpt if you’re like me and love the random gpt conversations


Agarikas t1_j9qlclf wrote

Personally I like reading them since I don't have the patience myself to mess with it just to bypass the censorship.


Nano-Brain t1_j9qsxa5 wrote

My issue with censoring posts is that it only leads to issues. Someone on the backend has to decide what can be posted. In the beginning it seems ok. But then it becomes hard to determine the threshold for which posts to cutoff.


rixtil41 t1_j9sixmr wrote

Hey, it's an improvement from getting environmental doom post every week.


visarga t1_j9q7y04 wrote

True, that's why it's not a copyright violation. In dreams anything is possible. Generative AI is augmented imagination, it should be free and private.


ervdm t1_j9qshuy wrote

What video is this from?


Ohigetjokes t1_j9rgxb3 wrote

Also please stop telling me about your dreams. Please.

“It was like my house, but it wasn’t my house. Except it was, you know what I mean?”

Kill me.


lostinthesubether t1_j9sr24z wrote

Really recommend watching the whole episode, as the meme is kind of taken out of context, he knows it is just a glorified chatbot search engine, but he goes on to talk about it having a possible game changing impact and what if we were only just starting on the tech S curve.

Really recommend his channel, especially the episode about the microwave oven…..


Agreeable_Bid7037 t1_j9srihl wrote

I actually like to hear people's interesting interactions with AI, it even gives me ideas to try out later. I personally have asked it all I could think of to ask it.


MajesticIngenuity32 t1_j9t12al wrote

Wait until people realize that the only way for a machine to produce these conversations is for it to have thoughts and the capacity to abstract, in a similar way to what humans do. And what generates thoughts, if not a mind? But an alien mind is also a mind.

Society is going to have its Lemoine realization sooner or later. The sooner the better, preferably - because AI can also be dangerous. Fortunately these large-language models are imperfect mimics of our collective intelligence, so they will pick up on good things as well.


BlessedBobo t1_j9ta6q8 wrote

I've Blocked every single person that posts their ChatGPT, Bing, Eleven Labs and Image gen results.
my sub experience has gone up at least 400%


DuckInTheFog t1_j9pbdn8 wrote

Is Tom controlling a string puppet that's off camera there?


Tocwa t1_j9pxmul wrote

It makes me sad 😔 because if they could experience those same dreams.. they’d be just as fascinated ✨


Extra_Philosopher_63 t1_j9qzuka wrote

I agree! On r/futurology people circle jerking about how pleasant their interactions with chat GTP is almost all that is posted there.


Material-Struggle145 t1_j9rlhdl wrote

It's like flipping through a stack of photographs. If I'm not in any of them, and nobody's having sex, I don't care.


dasnihil t1_j9qfofk wrote

The wiser you are, the easier you get bored. It's a curse of being wiser. Oblivious people see mystery everywhere, how amazing life is that. My friend totally thinks earth is flat and often sends me some tiktok videos to prove it. I never attempt to burst his bubble, but I think people on r/singularity are somewhat better than that.


Revolutionary_Soft42 t1_j9smfwm wrote

Academia is not wisdom ...academia to some extent is engineered to make people more narrow minded , climb down your ivory tower , You just sound like an arrogant nihilist ..username checks out , Oblivious people are amazing because they can explore oblivion , one can harvest true wisdom ; mystery and astonishment is bountiful in the void .


dasnihil t1_j9tczri wrote

i do both, and live a very fulfilling life without worrying about buying or selling art. my hunger is not satisfied with one concept of art like i would spend my life making pencil sketches, I've made a lot of charcoal and pencil stuff over the years. but i would never want to do it too make ends meet.


erysichthon- t1_j9pzb5m wrote

"i'm a bland, flavorless zombie, and i do not like hearing about what goes on inside another person's mind"