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mindbleach t1_j9r1mmi wrote

What the fuck do you expect people to do?

edit: And why do you naysayers keep inserting "idiot" into a description of popular casual interest? I'm not fucking shy. If I meant to call these people stupid, you would know.


mcilrain t1_j9r31hd wrote

Moderate according to principals rather than to appease the majority. Cultivate a culture that ignores and/or bullies idiots. This is what is typically done.

The lowest common denominator of internet commentators has a low intelligence by definition, "idiot" is a word for people of low intelligence.


mindbleach t1_j9r5sd6 wrote

First asshole: 'You're wrong, you're just acting superior to people with different interests!' No.

Second asshole: 'You are plainly mistaken, casuals are by definition lesser human beings.' Very no.

Fuck the both of you.