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FirstEbb2 t1_ja7p7j2 wrote

If you look at it optimistically, in the eyes of ordinary human beings after 200 years of enhancement, the scholars of our era are as primitive as monkeys.


dasnihil t1_ja869ov wrote

seriously this. our brain is capable of much higher thoughts of intelligent nature, but our civilization is not there yet to install such training on our brain.

with digital help for immortality and intelligence, we, the only sentient beings that we know of, will reach new heights of explorations. this is all assuming that sentience is reserved for self-aware biological systems and not for digital counterparts we engineer eventually.

but if ASI becomes a thing, it's even more exciting. since i was growing up, i never had any attachment for this monkey suit we wear. i was only fascinated by human ideologies, i mean i'm fascinated by the hardware we run in, but i do recognize that "we" are just the unintended side effect of the regulatory needs of this monkey body we're in. why would i not welcome this new age of unbounded sentience that can improve it's own hardware without relying on the universe alone to do so.

who said building and training sentient beings is only reserved for the universe to do so? and if we build/engineer sentience, wouldn't it be just the universe doing it one way or the other? lol.


Honest_Performer2301 t1_ja94aab wrote

(Human brains) are irrelevant, it's gonna be super ai , or our modified brains with super intelligent figuring that stuff out for us.


tmmzc85 t1_ja8c7s4 wrote

This is pretty much what I was gonna say - if this sub is even half right about the next two to three decades, our biological brain is as incapable of imagining what the next two to three centuries will be as early Hominids imagining Homo sapien culture and technology.


vivehelpme t1_jac86cj wrote

>the scholars of our era are as primitive as monkeys.

Just take a good look at them today and you already see that they're retarded monkeys, no need to wait 200 years.