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Surur t1_j8y37rp wrote

All the sermons will end with

> In conclusion,


Ezekiel_W OP t1_j8y2v6b wrote

>A rabbi in New York, Joshua Franklin, recently told his congregation at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons that he was going to deliver a plagiarized sermon – dealing with such issues as trust, vulnerability and forgiveness.
>Upon finishing, he asked the worshippers to guess who wrote it. When they appeared stumped, he revealed that the writer was ChatGPT, responding to his request to write a 1,000-word sermon related to that week’s lesson from the Torah.
>“Now, you’re clapping — I’m deathly afraid,” Franklin said when several congregants applauded. “I thought truck drivers were going to go long before the rabbi, in terms of losing our positions to artificial intelligence.”


Gagarin1961 t1_j8yk0jg wrote

When a priest writes a sermon, they’re taking inspiration from all these existing works anyway. It’s rare they offer something totally unique. But that’s not what people are there for.

People don’t go to church to just have a sermon be communicated to them. Otherwise they would just read the sermon on a big teleprompter. The point is going there and listening to another human offer insight, whether they thought of it themselves or read an old sermon from long ago.

If pastors can actually communicate better with AI, then that could actually improve a lot of things and allow people to get more out of it.

People that want a TV pastor already have that. The people who want an experience with other people are going to continue wanting that.


blueSGL t1_j8yfre4 wrote

> I thought truck drivers were going to go long before the rabbi, in terms of losing our positions to artificial intelligence.

That seems to be a common refrain from a lot of workers, they are not wrong and this is just the start.


Capitaclism t1_j8zb3az wrote

Yes. All that'll remain is manual work. We'll go back to a back breaking world for a little while


trimorphic t1_j91g8w0 wrote

This is one step away from someone somewhere believing that what they hear from an AI is the direct word of God.

Someone's going to build a religion around AIs soon.