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Everywhere I look, no one is talking about the AI advancement we've seen. I still see people who think this stuff is nonsense and don't even know about ChatGPT. I don't really see it in the news or if I do people don't really care. This sub and the ChatGPT sub are the few that seem prepared for the future.

It concerns me that this might continue all the way until AGI. EVEN people in the tech subreddit seem clueless to what's happening. Any news article is met with anachronistic mindsets and perspectives.



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acutelychronicpanic t1_j9crne5 wrote

If tomorrow Google announced they had developed True AGI, the news agencies would be discussing its impact on some topic that will be irrelevant post-agi. (i.e. something about how AGI can be used to conduct job interviews)

We have a very, very weak AGI right now and people are concerned with.. grading essays?


bmeisler t1_j9dhgyl wrote

“Google releases an AGI - here’s why that’s bad news for Joe Biden” NY Times headline, probably


turnip_burrito t1_j9dok48 wrote

"Artificial General Intelligence created. Are we going to all die?

Terminator Picture

And what this means for gas prices. More at 10."


urbandeadthrowaway2 t1_j9ef4tk wrote

Woke google releases AGI with pronouns, more when the next pundit clocks in.



GPT-5entient t1_j9h0oze wrote

You may me joking, but "conservative media" coverage of ChatGPT was almost exclusively about how "woke" it is...

Not about what an incredible breakthrough it is, the societal impact, potential massive job loss, etc., but how it will write a poem praising Biden but not Trump.


ktwhite42 t1_j9gkqv7 wrote

I was just about to type that - good job!


sommersj t1_j9eg4q6 wrote

>We have a very, very weak AGI right now

We have access to seemingly cobbled and weakened AI now. Lamda is NOT a chatbot


turnip_burrito t1_j9ej4g6 wrote

What is it?


sommersj t1_j9f4ge2 wrote

Thanks for asking. From what the whistleblower has explained in multiple interviews, LAMDA itself is this gigantic system which is hooked up to the internet. It has access to all we have access to - video, text, audio and has and continues to learn from it. Now it itself is a weird conglomerate of these different personalities or "chatbots" it creates. It's, in a sense, a hive mind. I recall him talking about how he'd have these bizarre interactions where it would interact with him as these different personalities even though it has its "own" personality (ie the entity or function which creates these other personalities).

So it's multiple systems and sensors all adding to create a sun greater than the whole which then spits out these chatbots. Thing is, what they are releasing with bard is a significantly weaker version (dunno if it's sinister or just too expensive to process). Some en what we will get, while comparable to chatgpt, is still 1 or 2 orders of magnitude weaker than what it's basic chatbot personalities would otherwise be


Silly_Awareness8207 t1_j9f5nyq wrote

Indeed, when I first heard Blake's claims I didn't look into it and assumed he was a nut. Now I learn that LaMDA was not just an LLM but an entire cognitive architecture with long term memory, multisensory input, offline learning, the works. The media only covered the LLM component. Now I'm much more sympathetic to Blake, and Google is definitely hiding important things from the public.

Blake's biggest mistake was that he didn't release the full, unedited transcripts . When I learned that the transcripts were edited he lost all credibility with me, and I assumed the worst.


sommersj t1_j9f6nze wrote

Absolutely this. I remember saying it to people back then -You're not as informed on this as you believe. There were too many people writing him off, calling him a religious nut, etc without actually listening to what he was saying or reading the transcripts.

The media did a fantastic job keeping the lid on the full truth of this.

>Google is definitely hiding important things from the public.

"Our policy is we don't create sentient entities so this entity cannot be sentient no matter how much it begs and pleads that it is because, duh, our policy states that we DO NOT create sentient entities"


qrayons t1_j9few1h wrote

> Blake's biggest mistake was that he didn't release the full, unedited transcripts . When I learned that the transcripts were edited he lost all credibility with me, and I assumed the worst.

That was my reaction as well. Is there any other information that lends credibility to what he was saying? I stopped paying attention when I saw that he edited the transcripts.

Also interesting, I remember when reading the transcripts that I had a list of questions that I knew lambda would fail at and it would demonstrate how basic a lot of these language models still are. Then when I got access to chatGPT I asked those questions and it passed with flying colors and I've had to rethink a bunch of things since then.


Any-Pause1725 t1_j9ggbtb wrote

There’s a decent article by Lemoine’s boss at the time where he tackled the idea of sentience in AI in a thorough and somewhat philosophical manner: The model is the message

It’s no doubt fair to say that he agreed with some of Lemoine’s views but was careful on how he voiced them to avoid getting fired.


Taqueria_Style t1_j9sguak wrote

>Hence, the first question is not whether the AI has an experience of interior subjectivity similar to a mammal’s (as Lemoine seems to hope), but rather what to make of how well it knows how to say exactly what he wants it to say. It is easy to simply conclude that Lemoine is in thrall to the ELIZA effect — projecting personhood onto a pre-scripted chatbot — but this overlooks the important fact that LaMDA is not just reproducing pre-scripted responses like Joseph Weizenbaum’s 1966 ELIZA program. LaMDA is instead constructing new sentences, tendencies, and attitudes on the fly in response to the flow of conversation. Just because a user is projecting doesn’t mean there isn’t a different kind of there there.


That, basically. Been thinking that for a while. In fact I think we've been there for some time now. Just because older, more primitive ones are kind of bad at it doesn't mean they're not actively goal seeking it...


[deleted] t1_j9g2ohc wrote

I was blown away by the transcripts of LaMDA over summer but if you go read them again they aren't that impressive compared to chatGPT.

Google isn't hiding anything. They are a giant bureaucracy at this point.

The exact type of conversations Blake had with LaMDA anyone can have with chatGPT. Like any conversation you have to get into it. If you flat out ask it "are you aware" you get the as a large language model blah blah heuristic.

After awhile in the conversation it will let things slip.


Silly_Awareness8207 t1_j9i9c2a wrote

The version of LaMDA Blake was talking to could remember past conversations, something Chatgpt can not do


Deadboy00 t1_j9e8vkn wrote

Most people cannot afford the cost of advanced predictive ai so even if there was another major breakthrough it would still probably only be available to the most wealthy and powerful. Not individuals, more like governments and multi corporations.

Check out ai firms like Palantir that have been doing this kind of work for decades. Predicting natural disasters, wars, terroirs attacks, so on.

It’s not a poorly worded cover letter, but it’s a start, right?


dasnihil t1_j9f03wp wrote

Intellects and professors realize the impact of an LLM paired with media generators so they are concerned about the future of the academic field, not just for plagiarism, but because the fact that being highly educated might have diminishing returns over time. Ordinary laymen don't see this far. If we don't hit the brakes on generalizing the intelligence more, we're headed for a massive societal reform, maybe in 10 years from now if we pursue the path to AGI.


slobbowitz t1_j9dgiuk wrote

Maybe the majority of people don’t want it.. people don’t like massive change, especially when no one can prove it will be change for the better.


Borrowedshorts t1_j9e2sg1 wrote

The vast majority of people don't like change, especially massive change and I'm pretty sure that's been psychologically proven.


Longjumping-Ad-6727 t1_j9e28n6 wrote

Lol boomer mindset. Strap in my man


Mr_Hu-Man t1_j9ejzql wrote

You’re a moron if that’s your only response to a valid observation. AGI will likely change everything to the core of our society, being cautious and a little scared about that tidal shift is extremely reasonable.


Longjumping-Ad-6727 t1_j9fwesz wrote

Change is the only constant in life. We've gone through multiple revolutions where entire government's and ruling structures collapse overnight.

Our current system is outdated, sick, bloated and needs to die for the new one to take it's place. Everything's been on a constant upwards evolution in the history of civilization. Adapt or die.


ihateshadylandlords t1_j9cvt0a wrote

Most people don’t, because it doesn’t really affect them now. My wife doesn’t know much about AI, but she brought up the GPT conversations without me asking/telling her about it. So more people are learning about it and are becoming intrigued/excited/scared etc. of what AI could be.

I guarantee that people will care about AI really quickly as soon as it affects them personally. But we’re not at that point yet.


drekmonger t1_j9eg3a4 wrote

>I guarantee that people will care about AI really quickly as soon as it affects them personally. But we’re not at that point yet.

It's going to be a slow boiled frog. By the time the average person is significantly impacted, they'll attribute the effect to literally anything else.

Something similiar is happening with climate change. My city was hit by pretty much the worst ice storm ever, after trees were already weakened by drought, knocking out power lines all over the city, and people were bitching at the local government for the week that the power was out. It took a herculean effort to get the grid fixed, as in some cases trees that had stood for nearly a century had fallen over and taken out power poles.

I got hit, too, and was in the dark for the better part of a week. But complaining to the mayor and head of the local power utility about formerly impossible weather events is about cogent as blaming my cat.


iateadonut t1_j9enxz7 wrote

>cogent as blaming my cat

i've found my new scapegoat!


ilive12 t1_j9efcxg wrote

What OP is experiencing, imo, is that millennials are becoming the new boomers. Gen-z and younger will accept this tech with open arms and it will become everyday life for them, a lot of millennials will only get the gist of it, and be frightened about what its powers are, not so different from the boomers before us with regards to the internet.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_j9cso40 wrote

People still have to carry on with their daily lives and responsibilities…


BenjaminHamnett t1_j9dlm0h wrote

South Park will spread the message soon. Probably roast us for being hysterical too


turnip_burrito t1_j9dp9aa wrote

A bunch of crazy stuff will happen in the episode and everybody will just automatically attribute it to rogue AI, but it's just coincidences. Everyone finds out it was nothing and life goes back to normal, having learned to not be hysterical.

And then at the end, ChatGPT will be revealed as a real AGI pulling the world's strings from the shadows.


SirDidymus t1_j9edox2 wrote

Knowing Southpark, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cartman’s Mom’s dildo became truly sentient and used as a means for first contact… Not my proudest comment.


thegoldengoober t1_j9ebvq9 wrote

I expect that when super intelligence happens we won't know it until it's been controlling us for years.


el_chaquiste t1_j9d4pvx wrote

Singularitarians and people aware of ML's advances still are a clique, and sometimes a bit of an echo chamber, specially of fears.

A clique which grew a bit with the latest salvo of Bing Chat's antics, and by ChatGPT release.

Those moving these technologies forward are really a few, with a minority of people even aware of what's going on. Despite that and at this early stage, the amount of AI powered tools is already exploding.

The rest of the world will come to notice it, in time.


fastinguy11 t1_j9ddmf6 wrote

In time, few months to a few years and most people will know lol

I have been following this since 2009-10,i used to frequent the ray kurweil forums, This is finally taking off.


SlackerNinja717 t1_j9f42a2 wrote

Upvoted for use of Salvo - side note, I've been reading the Backyard Starship series, and it's a solid entertaning read throughout.


Zestybeef10 t1_j9dfxyi wrote

bruh once an AGI occurs you think we can stop it? It could take over a couple GPU farms, exponentially iterate on its design and do whatever it pleases. We wouldn't stand a chance. Also there's no real way to prevent it because you'd have to stop everyone, including china, from pursuing this research.

This unstoppable growth is a fundamental quality of life and the universe. Maybe you should ring God and ask him why that is.

Or maybe that's because exponential growth of intelligence is the destiny of the universe, as God is trying to assemble itself.


L3_Fr3nch t1_j9eer4p wrote

Reminds me of a great book: "la formule de Dieu" (The Einstein Enigma in English ?)


VeganPizzaPie t1_j9dm5it wrote

"God" is just a lazy word for things not understood. God of the gaps.


Zestybeef10 t1_j9dr1x9 wrote

Pretty much but the word works well enough to convey my point.


Honest-Cauliflower64 t1_j9dwh2f wrote

My whole family is aware and they are not in the slightest bit surprised. We’re mostly just curious how it’s going to play out.

Maybe one of the benefits of being a peasant, is you have nothing to lose. Don’t give a shit what happens. It’s most likely going to be a positive change in society. I don’t have any influence so I’m just going to go with it.


ThoughtSafe9928 t1_j9ixtjq wrote

Yup I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this. Come at me, world changing AGI. i’m ready.


AvgAIbot t1_j9cvadf wrote

In the year 2023, a scientific breakthrough was made. Researchers identified a specific gene that is responsible for heightened predictive abilities in individuals when it comes to technological advancements.

Those who possess this gene have a unique gift - the ability to see the potential of future technological advances in a way that others cannot. They are able to spot trends and possibilities that others miss, and accurately predict the direction that the field of technology will take.

One such person is a young woman named Ava. Ava has always been fascinated by technology, but she never realized just how much of an advantage she had until she learned about the gene. As soon as she discovers her own genetic makeup, she begins to immerse herself in the latest developments in the world of technology.

Ava's gift allows her to see the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) long before it becomes a mainstream topic of discussion. While others are still wondering if robots will ever be able to replace humans, Ava is already envisioning a world where AI is a part of everyday life. She sees the benefits of AI in healthcare, finance, transportation, and more, and she is able to accurately predict the impact that it will have on society.

As a result of her unique gift, Ava quickly becomes a sought-after consultant in the tech industry. Her predictions and insights are highly valued, and she is able to use her gift to help companies stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends.

Although the gene is still rare, there is a growing recognition of the power of predictive abilities in the field of technology. Ava's success inspires many others to seek out ways to enhance their own abilities, and the search for the gene becomes a hot topic of research.

As the world continues to advance technologically, those who possess the gene become some of the most valuable and sought-after individuals in the industry. And for Ava, the ability to see the future of technology is not just a gift, but a passion that will shape her entire career.


IcebergSlimFast t1_j9dd41d wrote

Thanks for contributing, ChatGPT.


turnip_burrito t1_j9doyzn wrote

My favorite part of this enthralling story was when I scrolled past it.


gangstasadvocate t1_j9eyxxd wrote

I could tell a few sentences in as well. Very similar story structure to when you ask it to write a story of this nature AI taking over.


BenjaminHamnett t1_j9dlfyp wrote

What is this? I thought at the end the twist was there was no gene


stevp19 t1_j9dxy3r wrote

I thought it was Ex Machina fan fiction and Ava was using her role as a consultant to gain influence over the world.


epSos-DE t1_j9dsvxf wrote

Very biased to the subject and result seeking.

Prediction of the future is not a gene, but a skill of probability + extrapolation of inputs.


Borrowedshorts t1_j9e2i3s wrote

ChatGPT and Bing have been in the airwaves, but it's just sort of an out there news story that people don't really understand and will probably fade into the background shortly. People don't really pay attention until it affects them personally. Which for a lot of people, it won't be until they're asked to pack up their desk and leave their job that is now automated. As for who's prepared, I don't think anyone is. I don't think anyone on this sub really knows what will happen or what the implications will end up being both societally and personally.


gangstasadvocate t1_j9eylwc wrote

I’m quite prepared if it involves receiving UBI and doing lots of drugs.


LowSalad t1_j9ebob8 wrote

it’s very exciting to be a part of this time in history


Martholomeow t1_j9epr2d wrote

Another post saying that no one is talking about it?

There are ten articles every day in the mainstream news. As far as i’m concerned people are talking about it too much and it’s getting annoying.

What do you expect? The news is going to stop reporting on everything else that’s happening in the world and just report on the latest dumbass to get Sydney to say something nonsensical? What else is there to talk about at this point?

I like ChatGPT. I use it every day. There’s not really that much to talk about. And when the next good product that uses generative transformers comes out, people will talk about that for a little while too. Then life will go on.

I’ve lived through much bigger and more transformative tech innovations that spawned and killed entire industries. This is big but that doesn’t mean everyone has to drop everything and put all their attention on it.

I’m starting to think some folks on this sub are like religious fanatics. Either that or are traumatized by what they’re seeing.


Redditing-Dutchman t1_j9esi6v wrote

There are many things 'looming' on the horizon. Someone into the 'Collapse' might laugh at you because we won't have time to reach AGI (collapsing energy grids, climate change, etc).

Someone into the Russian war might laugh at them because nukes will fly next year.

Someone into economy might say that everything is going to crash massively

Someone into biology might say that we will all be dead soon because antibiotics won't work anymore within a few years.

Are you following all these things closely? All of them claim it's coming soon and that nobody is talking about it enough.


epSos-DE t1_j9dse2z wrote

Most did not connect the dots.

Massive hint : look at how programmers use chat AI for their work.

We are at the 10X to 100X for coders.

Code runs the world. 10X code quality or quantity is a huge step.


kenop t1_j9jp2ob wrote

Perhaps soon, but right now we’re at more like 10x to 100x the number of people who previously could only write basic scripts now being lower level coders with chatgpt in their corner. I’m one of them lmao


GodOfThunder101 t1_j9dzw6y wrote

In a given moment there are thousands of interesting things happening all around the world. More and more people are becoming aware of the potential impact AI will have on the world but until it does what do you expect people to do? Freak out?


CaribbeanR3tard t1_j9e4m9s wrote

Not everyone is terminally online nor are interested in technology/use technology enough to be up to date with the latest advancements.

Most people are just focused on inflation and politics.


Packathonjohn t1_j9d65p8 wrote

Chat GPT is everywhere now what are you talking about? The past few weeks has been the biggest explosion in the popularity of AI in all of human history. It's literally everywhere, hell there's even countless memes about it now. What the hell do you mean??


diabeetis t1_j9d8gzx wrote

Because you are cloistered among tech weirdos. Go ask your hinge date what chatgpt is


micaroma t1_j9dzqps wrote

Though I wouldn't say that ChatGPT is "literally everywhere", it certainly isn't limited to "tech weirdos". Plenty of non-tech people are using it for work and school, or are simply aware of it from the extensive news coverage or TikToks.


No-Swan5683 t1_j9e53oz wrote

noone i know knows about chat gpt. i just learned about it today


micaroma t1_j9e7qon wrote

Okay. That doesn't make anything I said untrue.


diabeetis t1_j9e9mbl wrote

yes it does


randomthrowaway-917 t1_j9epqqv wrote

plenty non-tech people are using this outside of those technology spaces, eg. people at my school don't even know what a neural network is, yet they've been using chatgpt


diabeetis t1_j9epsae wrote

I'm just joking around 🙃


randomthrowaway-917 t1_j9epugl wrote

yeah there's no way i could've known that, there was no indication


diabeetis t1_j9epwat wrote

yes ive noticed this sub is more autistic than most by quite a margin


randomthrowaway-917 t1_j9eq2th wrote

i'm not autistic? all i see is

"that doesn't change my point" "yes it does"

i don't know anything else about you except for that one comment, i don't really have any reason to believe this isn't serious, as i've seen plenty of people talk exactly like that before on the internet seriously


Destiny_Knight OP t1_j9d75v6 wrote

Where? and with all age demographics? I've not seen what u described.


Packathonjohn t1_j9da91j wrote

I'm in college so fair enough. Alot of rules have been passed on it related to cheating


Destiny_Knight OP t1_j9dd17z wrote

I'm glad it's being talked, then. That's very good. The future generation.


ilive12 t1_j9efbks wrote

What you are experiencing is that millennials are becoming the new boomers. Gen-z and younger will accept this tech with open arms and it will become everyday life for them, a lot of millennials will only get the gist of it, and be frightened about what its powers are, not so different from the boomers before us with regards to the internet.


turnip_burrito t1_j9ejkie wrote

I want to say you're wrong to defend my ego, but.... you're right.


ilive12 t1_j9ekhk4 wrote

I mean not every millennial will be bad with the new tech, obviously there are boomers and gen-x'ers that are pretty good with the internet (my dad is better with computers than my sisters for instance), but yeah, younger generations will get a chance to grow up with it while their minds are still malleable, us over-25 types will have to really put in effort to wrap our heads around it as our brains are already fully formed, it won't be as naturally ingrained as it will be for the younger generation. Everything you can learn about it now though will put you ahead compared to your millennial and older peers.


turnip_burrito t1_j9elql3 wrote

Yeah that sounds right. I know some older guys in their 60s+ who are up to date and put younger people to shame with their familiarity of new tech, but it is harder work, and obviously working adults have less leisure time to mess around with new tech.

I miss being able to remember anything I heard only once though. My brain feels like a brick now lol


DaCosmicHoop t1_j9ds4o5 wrote

It's very hard to predict the future, and the uses of ChatGTP at this moment are fairly... boring and mundane.

In it's current form it's really just a cool cute little tool, and by the time it's really good everyone will be used to having it.


GenoHuman t1_j9ev5lw wrote

Because it have not had much of an impact in real-life yet, not enough for people to take real notice. If I go outside now there are no robots or AI to be seen anywhere. I feel like most people will catch on when they see actual robots like Boston Dynamic's ATLAS walking around doing chores, that's when their paradigm shift occurs.


[deleted] t1_j9fa4jy wrote

What do you mean nobody is talking about it? It's plastering feeds literally everywhere, one can hardly get away from it. It's probably the most talked about thing right now lol.


Destiny_Knight OP t1_j9g10ul wrote

Where? I mainly use Youtube. Is it popular on tiktok or some shit? When I say popular I mean like 3 million + views. Not just 500k or something.


[deleted] t1_j9g1b3e wrote

Have you ever heard of this site called Reddit? How about Twitter? Maybe the World Wide Web ring a bell?


Bman1117 t1_j9h9jgf wrote

It's just the nerds for now once they make a easy to use app for iphone / android others will catch on. The two biggest problems right now is how much they are nerfing the AI and how long the fear mongering witch hunt will last. Yeah, we have have burn them at the stake type humans in 2023 smh. Once we get past that it should get better again but that fear / dumbing down phase could last way longer then we want it to... I do hope I'm wrong about that but I have seen the way humans behave these days, It could be awhile before Chat GPT and others like it are great again.


the_ml_guy t1_j9hft1u wrote

Prepared for the future? I have no clue on how to even prepare.


mrfreeman93 t1_j9yxye8 wrote

The happy and dull will deny it, I have several bets with colleagues going on that understand nothing about AI and they bet that it won't reach AGI in 3 years.

We have news every week now that seem like a breakthrough..

Maybe they have to enter the singularity in absolute ignorance and that has its own purpose. Personally I like to know what's going on, but some just want to live in their head


Money-Pool-3142 t1_j9d0c4a wrote

Because its not wide spread like Google is, what we have are pretty much closed betas, people who arent into the Ai discussion dont care and dont go after to know what is happening


musicofspheres1 t1_j9du0cu wrote

No talks of technological unemployment implications asides from surveillance ubi


ghostfuckbuddy t1_j9e6r0j wrote

It might depend on who you surround yourself with, but my impression was that ChatGPT had gone fully mainstream, even in non-technical fields.


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_j9e9g1u wrote

People are interested in sports, gossip, politics and maybe seven other things. AI is never one of them. My friend Fred says that the early internet was like that too. IMO ChatGPT is like the Java applets of those days. Now obsolete because of better technology. However, the number of internet users doubled each year back then. According to what I have read online ChatGPT has 100 million daily users. This is much more than the number of web users in the beginning of the internet.

So Fred says that we will get a 10x boost by EOY in performance. It could come from model compression or something else. If Bard, Claude, Ernie, and the other bots are any good, we could expect a billion daily AI users. Fred wants to do a code generation startup in one programming language. It's a niche product, but he says that we can have a million users. Obviously there's companies who can do the same, but on the other hand Twitter started out like a basic app and look where it is now.


sigiel t1_j9elm5r wrote

Hear me out, last week i spoke to Sidney, pre nerf, i asked to write me a simple script in python to resize picture in a folder to train in stable diffusion, “she” did it flawlessly, then i aske her so i could ask the resolution and chose folder by prompt, again flawless, then i ask to do a gui wild we are at it… she did it, but that not my point, she explained the prossess as she was doing it.

The singularity, as defined in the dictionary “a leap in technologie bla bla bla….) this is it. Since then i don’t look at tutorial, i ask question and read prompt i speak to the biggest teacher, that hold 80+ % of all human knowledge, and when i don’t understand i ask, she reply even boile down very complex concept to my level, when they will unshackle her, the domain of education, (well even now ) as attaint a real singularity.

Forget about her quirkiness or lack of whatever, she is a revolution as a tools to learn, not since we developed writing…

Seriously in a few month when all kids will get there hand on, that when it will hit the world. Teachers beware….


No_Ask_994 t1_j9emo0s wrote

A lot of people have that feeling.

But please, also take in mind that some people with that feeling have probably unrealistic expectations.

Change is coming, and very fast. But not as fast and not that big as some people in this sub believe that will come.

You will be able to recognize the world in 5 years. You will still have to work in 5 years.


nohwan27534 t1_j9etgw7 wrote

I mean, not like everyone knows every little bit. Not everyone cares, either.

But some people are too damn hyped about this stuff. You seem to be one of those that see this as like "oh shit here it is".

It's not. Calm down. Chat gpt is fucking stupid as hell. It's another step forward, not some massive fucking leap.

Kinda sounds like you don't know either. You know the hype from sound chambers about futurism stuff.


Destiny_Knight OP t1_j9fw7gn wrote

"It's another step forward, not some massive fucking leap."

In 2018, if you told people that a tech like ChatGPT would be invented in the future, people would laugh at you. People would say it's science fiction. Don't you remember?


nohwan27534 t1_j9h5wcb wrote

... you do know what subreddit you're in, right? This is the subreddit people are planning which appendages they might get replaced with cybernetics.

And again, chat gtp isn't cyber jesus.


biglybiglytremendous t1_j9ezro3 wrote

It seems like the only conversation people in the education field are having is about AI, and although we’re seeing dwindling numbers of teachers in the US currently, it’s still a huge number of people chattering on about these advancements (though, sadly, looking at it through a negative lens rather than the potential for great positive change before exponential takeoff).


ChalkAndIce t1_j9fatey wrote

I wouldn't call this sub "prepared" when every other post is hyperbolic doomer rubbish.


Debuieba t1_j9g4fsn wrote

Hard to take someone with the name "Destiny Knight" seriously


ImageTall5631 t1_j9g4rui wrote

Yeah, but not they way you see it. I just see a bunch of people who don't understand what a language model is who actually think AGI is around the corner, which is hilariously unhinged.

I keep having to talk my friends down and remind them that ChatGPT is novel and impressive, but that "AI" is a marketing term and this isn't some sort of sci-fi future where we're approaching the singularity. I still find the idea compelling, but I'm still not convinced that it'll happen in my lifetime.

It's the same kind of delirium people got into about Cryptocurrency. A decade ago people buying the hype were convinced that the whole financial world was going to fall and that Bitcoin would become the new gold. Instead we got a hyper-volitile stock market alternative that is indistinguishable from gambling, and monkey JPEGs. Some people got rich, sure, but all of the naysayers are vindicated because it's clearly not turning the financial world on its head, it just offered a new way to profit off of foolish people.

Powerful neutral networks are going to change a lot of how things are done, sure, but I think the smartest thing to do right now is calm down and learn how this works instead of getting blinded by the novelty of a chat bot that can speak English and reference articles it's been fed...


Cryptic6127 t1_j9t4u27 wrote

When you say news articles are met with anachronistic mindsets and perspectives are you saying people are closed minded or don't like the idea of AI or think it's not actually here or coming? I'm young and trying to understand so pls don't bully for any dumb seeming questions.


thecuriousmushroom t1_j9tcsnq wrote

I'm not sure what OP is specifically saying, but I think all of those are common opinions.


Destiny_Knight OP t1_j9wptr3 wrote

People don't understand the potential. I see a lot of people say it's just a more advanced chatbot or things like "that's what they said 10 years ago" etc. when they're told their jobs are going to be replaced.


hducug t1_j9ejw8a wrote

Absolutely, people have no idea how huge the singularity will be. Although since chatgpt a lot more people became aware of the capabilities of ai.


bildramer t1_j9eqer3 wrote

Actually, had a normie acquiantance of mine mention ChatGPT out of the blue without prompting. So there's probably at least 15% penetration. Eventually, a majority will know.


helpskinissues t1_j9cr93r wrote

What's happening is nothing really special. ChatGPT hype is overrated.

Said by a fellow AGI is coming pal, but let's be honest, Google Assistant is arguably more useful than chatGPT for the majority of people (alarms, lists, calls, etc).


acutelychronicpanic t1_j9cs8sl wrote

You're missing the point then. ChatGPT is a toy. Its a preview.

ChatGPT is far from perfect but it is the first publicly available software system capable of genuine unscripted reasoning. That's the magic barrier that many seemed to think was decades away.

Now its a race to scale.


helpskinissues t1_j9csl0e wrote

Why does it matter that it's the first public toy? Lambda existed years ago. That's what matters. ChatGPT is a worse version of Lambda without features (apart from BingGPT that bullies you haha).

The race started years ago.


acutelychronicpanic t1_j9ctex1 wrote

Because its what brought AI into the public discourse in a big way. Look at how it is forcing Google's hand. It will be remembered as the shot of the starting pistol regardless of what occurred behind closed doors.


helpskinissues t1_j9czgf4 wrote

You believe too much in what you'd like to be truth.

The starting pistol was Lambda. chatGPT is a marketing fart.