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micaroma t1_j9dzqps wrote

Though I wouldn't say that ChatGPT is "literally everywhere", it certainly isn't limited to "tech weirdos". Plenty of non-tech people are using it for work and school, or are simply aware of it from the extensive news coverage or TikToks.


No-Swan5683 t1_j9e53oz wrote

noone i know knows about chat gpt. i just learned about it today


micaroma t1_j9e7qon wrote

Okay. That doesn't make anything I said untrue.


diabeetis t1_j9e9mbl wrote

yes it does


randomthrowaway-917 t1_j9epqqv wrote

plenty non-tech people are using this outside of those technology spaces, eg. people at my school don't even know what a neural network is, yet they've been using chatgpt


diabeetis t1_j9epsae wrote

I'm just joking around 🙃


randomthrowaway-917 t1_j9epugl wrote

yeah there's no way i could've known that, there was no indication


diabeetis t1_j9epwat wrote

yes ive noticed this sub is more autistic than most by quite a margin


randomthrowaway-917 t1_j9eq2th wrote

i'm not autistic? all i see is

"that doesn't change my point" "yes it does"

i don't know anything else about you except for that one comment, i don't really have any reason to believe this isn't serious, as i've seen plenty of people talk exactly like that before on the internet seriously