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ilive12 t1_j9efbks wrote

What you are experiencing is that millennials are becoming the new boomers. Gen-z and younger will accept this tech with open arms and it will become everyday life for them, a lot of millennials will only get the gist of it, and be frightened about what its powers are, not so different from the boomers before us with regards to the internet.


turnip_burrito t1_j9ejkie wrote

I want to say you're wrong to defend my ego, but.... you're right.


ilive12 t1_j9ekhk4 wrote

I mean not every millennial will be bad with the new tech, obviously there are boomers and gen-x'ers that are pretty good with the internet (my dad is better with computers than my sisters for instance), but yeah, younger generations will get a chance to grow up with it while their minds are still malleable, us over-25 types will have to really put in effort to wrap our heads around it as our brains are already fully formed, it won't be as naturally ingrained as it will be for the younger generation. Everything you can learn about it now though will put you ahead compared to your millennial and older peers.


turnip_burrito t1_j9elql3 wrote

Yeah that sounds right. I know some older guys in their 60s+ who are up to date and put younger people to shame with their familiarity of new tech, but it is harder work, and obviously working adults have less leisure time to mess around with new tech.

I miss being able to remember anything I heard only once though. My brain feels like a brick now lol