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nohwan27534 t1_j9etgw7 wrote

I mean, not like everyone knows every little bit. Not everyone cares, either.

But some people are too damn hyped about this stuff. You seem to be one of those that see this as like "oh shit here it is".

It's not. Calm down. Chat gpt is fucking stupid as hell. It's another step forward, not some massive fucking leap.

Kinda sounds like you don't know either. You know the hype from sound chambers about futurism stuff.


Destiny_Knight OP t1_j9fw7gn wrote

"It's another step forward, not some massive fucking leap."

In 2018, if you told people that a tech like ChatGPT would be invented in the future, people would laugh at you. People would say it's science fiction. Don't you remember?


nohwan27534 t1_j9h5wcb wrote

... you do know what subreddit you're in, right? This is the subreddit people are planning which appendages they might get replaced with cybernetics.

And again, chat gtp isn't cyber jesus.