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qrayons t1_j9few1h wrote

> Blake's biggest mistake was that he didn't release the full, unedited transcripts . When I learned that the transcripts were edited he lost all credibility with me, and I assumed the worst.

That was my reaction as well. Is there any other information that lends credibility to what he was saying? I stopped paying attention when I saw that he edited the transcripts.

Also interesting, I remember when reading the transcripts that I had a list of questions that I knew lambda would fail at and it would demonstrate how basic a lot of these language models still are. Then when I got access to chatGPT I asked those questions and it passed with flying colors and I've had to rethink a bunch of things since then.


Any-Pause1725 t1_j9ggbtb wrote

There’s a decent article by Lemoine’s boss at the time where he tackled the idea of sentience in AI in a thorough and somewhat philosophical manner: The model is the message

It’s no doubt fair to say that he agreed with some of Lemoine’s views but was careful on how he voiced them to avoid getting fired.


Taqueria_Style t1_j9sguak wrote

>Hence, the first question is not whether the AI has an experience of interior subjectivity similar to a mammal’s (as Lemoine seems to hope), but rather what to make of how well it knows how to say exactly what he wants it to say. It is easy to simply conclude that Lemoine is in thrall to the ELIZA effect — projecting personhood onto a pre-scripted chatbot — but this overlooks the important fact that LaMDA is not just reproducing pre-scripted responses like Joseph Weizenbaum’s 1966 ELIZA program. LaMDA is instead constructing new sentences, tendencies, and attitudes on the fly in response to the flow of conversation. Just because a user is projecting doesn’t mean there isn’t a different kind of there there.


That, basically. Been thinking that for a while. In fact I think we've been there for some time now. Just because older, more primitive ones are kind of bad at it doesn't mean they're not actively goal seeking it...