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Apollo24_ t1_j9j6zgo wrote

Makes me wonder what it'd look like if it was as big as gpt-3


ihrvatska t1_j9jvwty wrote

Or maybe working with gpt-3. Gpt-3 could call upon it when it needed a more narrowly focused expert. Perhaps there could be a group of AI systems that work together, each having a specialty.


FaceDeer t1_j9kgcvd wrote

Perhaps you could have a specialist AI whose specialty was figuring out which other specialist AI it needs to pass the query to. If each specialist can run on home hardware that could be the way to get our Stable Diffusion moment. Constantly swapping models in memory might slow things down, but I'd be fine with "slow" in exchange for "unfettered."


skob17 t1_j9ks9jw wrote

That's an interesting approach. We do the same in audits, where the main host is QA with a broad general knowledge of all processes, but for details they call in the SMEs to show all the details of a specific topic.


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Nalmyth t1_j9k0eu2 wrote

General vs specific intelligence.

Think of when you ask your brain what is the answer to 5x5.

Did you add 5 each time or did you do a lookup, or perhaps an approximate answer?


hosseinxj0152 t1_j9l5yzv wrote

I think this is already being done. Check out Langchain on huggingFace


monsieurpooh t1_j9nhlcf wrote

And one of the AI's specialty is to build better AI's