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Lawjarp2 t1_ja7sbla wrote

Did some digging. They used 800000 cells, it never got to superhuman levels, human cells are better than mouse cells.

Things to take away, 800k is not equivalent to 800k parameters. 800k cells might equal anywhere between 800m to 8b parameter(1000 - 10000 synapses per neuron). If a bloody 800m parameter model can't learn to play ping pong like a superhuman it's not really that great. However, it probably does converge sooner, given that the way neurons learn in brain isn't like a feed forward network.

The most curious thing here is that apparently neurons work by trying to reduce entropy. Looks like all of life is trying to do the same at many levels.


manubfr t1_ja6rvp8 wrote

So you see, I believe ChatGPT has nearly 0% chance of being conscious.

Now this...


[deleted] OP t1_ja6t8xk wrote

One way we might be able to create conscious AI is with bio-computronium arrays.


turnip_burrito t1_ja6upi3 wrote

But it has a way higher probability of being conscious then.


MultiverseOfSanity t1_jaapnw7 wrote

If you're making AI out of actual brain tissue, is it even really AI anymore?


duskaception t1_jab1qvt wrote

Yes as the materials and process were created artificially.


dokushin t1_jabfvsb wrote

Is cloning a human AI?


duskaception t1_jabkmes wrote

If we can successfully clone a human, I would say that's an artificial human. Now whether or not them being artificial makes them more or less worthy of human rights is not a debate I'm here to make. (imo everything sapient and to an extent sentient should have some form of rights to protect it)


Sea-Cake7470 t1_ja6zylw wrote

Great!!! Now when is he learning to cure ibs?? I'm tired of these smelly farts after eating an apple a day keeps docs away!!


Deformero t1_ja71ufs wrote

It doesnt seem to understand the basics of pong as far i can see in this video.


Total-Oil2289 t1_ja756fk wrote

To be fair, it seems to understand Pong better than OP understands this whole field


shelledpants t1_ja7wbbr wrote

It's going to be so sad in the future, having to wipe your computer and start fresh.

iFixit lobotomy pack.


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_ja978qj wrote

I think it took me longer to learn pong when I played it for the first time. This idea sounds great, but I have a feeling that no one is taking it seriously.


ThePerson654321 t1_jabdk7a wrote

I agree! It's sad to see that Pong, the game that started it all, isn't taken seriously anymore. It deserves respect for paving the way for the entire gaming industry and being a damn good game. The mechanics are elegant, and it rewards skill and practice. We've become too obsessed with flashy graphics and complex mechanics, forgetting that sometimes the simplest things can be the most enjoyable. Let's remind people that Pong is a classic game that deserves to be celebrated and remembered.


TurbulentApricot6994 t1_ja77dg0 wrote

Who's DNA is it and is it ethical to do such a thing with it?


ThePerson654321 t1_jabdads wrote

It's mine and fuck off


TurbulentApricot6994 t1_jac9fta wrote

Why are you mad? It's just two genuine questions


ThePerson654321 t1_jack0qw wrote

Check upvote/downvote ratio ^


TurbulentApricot6994 t1_jacuojy wrote

Yeah, I'm trying to understand why

EDIT: I wonder whether people think that someone asking these questions is against this technology, which I'm not, I'm just genuinely asking two questions about it, jeez

Can you explain why you are mad about it?