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Ginkotree48 t1_j7hgvxl wrote

Have you guys even tried lamda ?! Its horrible. At least the version they are granting people early access to. I cant help but assume everyone is still riding off the perception that google is the biggest and baddest in the game.

Ask yourself why they invested in chat gpts biggest rival


Professional-Song216 t1_j7hk4op wrote

What specifically is terrible about it?


YobaiYamete t1_j7i88n3 wrote

It's censored to hell and back (more than even ChatGPT) and it would only let you pick from multiple choice options when asking it stuff. Many also said it was just dumb


Talkat t1_j7jgnwa wrote

Yeah it is Terrible. No idea why they castrated it as they did.


vegita1022 t1_j7im5i5 wrote

I agree with you. Lambda beta is stupidly dumb compared to chatGPT. I got in on the beta. I tried it once and just went back to chatGPT. Who's chatGPT's biggest rival?


Artanthos t1_j7hs1ss wrote

It’s also a scaled down version, not the full version.


ShadowRazz t1_j7hp8fp wrote

What makes it horrible? Have you used it?


Ginkotree48 t1_j7i5mf7 wrote

Yes they are letting people sign up for early access.

Two of the three "types" they let you use dont even let you type free word responses. It generates 5 responses to choose from. I usually dont like any of them.

The one type that lets you type responses to as if its chat gpt doesnt understand 1/10 of what chat gpt does.