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HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hibjq wrote

Wow, so to the people who think Google will do better, what do they have that could compete with ChatGTP?

I think it is very possible that eventually Google can come up with something better than ChatGTP. For sure, with the resources they have.

But at the moment? Lamda does not seem to be as suited for what ChatGTP can do. They are just quickly hurrying to build something that can imitate CGTPs abilities. Unless they have already been working on a similar system.


zero0n3 t1_j7iup5q wrote

Look. The way I see it - if they had something as good as chstGPT, they would have already found a way to monetize it or beta it publicly.

They don’t and wont catch up because google VS MS isn’t a fair fight.

Google is like ALL ad revenue based. AI like this is what will DESTROY their business model overnight.

MS, on the other hand, has office365 / Azure / etc.

Their AI is going to actually be useful and it’s adoption rate is going to be astronomically fast once the benefits are seen.

Google has no chance unless they are willing to lose half their ad revenue to compete properly.