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22HitchSlaps t1_j7hleaw wrote

Better Vs more popular are very different metrics


HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hr0hg wrote

Yes, very true. But in this particular situation i think they would be strongly related.. because the only thing that really matters is which one is better and easier to use.. whatever that is, that will be more popular.

But true that not necessarily. But then again this will be adopted earliest by the more tech savvy parts of the populations, and what they choose will also have a strong influence on what other more normal people will start to use.

Or people will just be like "Oh google assistant is better now" and bing people will be like.. "Oh, finally, i can talk with Bing!"


Yelov t1_j7jy5ex wrote

The vast majority of people use Google. If Microsoft and Google release their AI models into their search engines at a similar time, people won't really feel the need to switch from Google to Bing, even if it's better. At least the majority of people wouldn't care that much. It's not like your average person is following this closely. Likewise people who use Bing probably won't switch to Google.