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ShadowRazz t1_j7hp5ak wrote

I bet Microsoft. So far they seem to be willing to actually make their developments public and taking risks.


YobaiYamete t1_j7i8ida wrote

I think it's going to come down to who releases one that allows NSFW first.

I'm baffled at how these tech giants have forgotten the #1 rule of the internet

The Internet is for Porn and that's what will make or break the AI in the public opinion


MightyDickTwist t1_j7k6di0 wrote

I’m not… sure this can be applied to LLM. I can see it for Stable Diffusion, but the amount of people that read smut isn’t all that significant.


PrivateLudo t1_j7jc6il wrote

Its a double-edged sword though. A lot of people would not like it and call for censorship because well… kids browse the internet and understandably parents dont want their kids to do anything on the internet . Also, porn tends to be dissociated a little bit on the internet, it rarely gets official public access.


Melodic_Manager_9555 t1_j7jygnm wrote

what's the problem with making the switch, with parental controls? If parents do not follow or turn on this nsfw filter themselves, then this will be their problem.


zero0n3 t1_j7itsta wrote

Their revenue stream isn’t based on ads.

MS will win simply because as we get AI assistants - ad viewing will go down. How does google show me an ad if I’m not going to google and instead asking the same question to clippy and getting a legit, good answer back?

The key is asking good questions. Include things like “include a list of sources where your data came from and can be verified” or things like that.


solidwhetstone t1_j7jr3pe wrote

Where Google can win is assistant. If assistant can know my schedule, read and reply to email, and help me brainstorm through life, I will definitely use it over chatgpt.


albions_buht-mnch t1_j7inr6a wrote

Microsoft is partnered with Open AI right? That's where my money is. Google is lightyears behind Open AI atm from what I understand.


DuckyBertDuck t1_j7j03r1 wrote

Google isn't behind. They aren't making their models public but that doesn't mean a lot. PaLM seems very promising. Their research about scaling laws is also great.


Bakagami- t1_j7itosc wrote

I don't mean ill but sorry you really don't understand then, and definitely shouldn't put your money on things you're clueless about as you said. Even the transformer architecture itself which OpenAI uses for their models such as GPT was invented by Google.


X-msky t1_j7jsl17 wrote

DeepMind has better AI then OpenAI But having the better technology doesn't necessarily means winning the war