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HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hvf56 wrote

Absolutely agreed, that would be amazing and life changing to have such tech!


Talkat t1_j7j2pgq wrote

Agreed... However I'm surprised such a thing doesn't exist yet.

OpenAI has whisper which is great an voice to text (and open source)

The text can then be input to GTP3

And then the result spoken via elevenlabs.

This is just plugging some apis together in an app...

Why hasn't this been done


citizentim t1_j7je2lq wrote

like, literally, wait a month. The speed at which everything is moving-- I'm sure it's being worked out.


Talkat t1_j7mwqjd wrote

My point is more that for an experienced developer it would take them a day. For an inexperienced developer less than a week.

I guess my real question is how come I'm not doing this?!