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As Microsoft will soon release some version of ChatGTP on Bing, Google is also quickly working on something to compete.

Given that 90% of global internet searches are going through Google and search gives Google most of their revenue they will certainly not just lay down and do nothing, as has now become clear. They are testing out various possible language models currently to compete with ChatGTP.

But Microsoft bing is like.. bing. Not many, but still more than i would have thought use bing, about 9% of total searches in 2022. But it just has to offer quite a lot for people to switch over i think.

I am using ChatGTP and i think it is absolutely mindblowing for what it is, and i really don't take it for granted how far we have already come. When Microsoft releases this new assistant i will certainly download and use it.

But.. in the end, or middle idk. Who do you think will end up with a better/more popular AI assistant?

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ShadowRazz t1_j7hp5ak wrote

I bet Microsoft. So far they seem to be willing to actually make their developments public and taking risks.


YobaiYamete t1_j7i8ida wrote

I think it's going to come down to who releases one that allows NSFW first.

I'm baffled at how these tech giants have forgotten the #1 rule of the internet

The Internet is for Porn and that's what will make or break the AI in the public opinion


MightyDickTwist t1_j7k6di0 wrote

I’m not… sure this can be applied to LLM. I can see it for Stable Diffusion, but the amount of people that read smut isn’t all that significant.


PrivateLudo t1_j7jc6il wrote

Its a double-edged sword though. A lot of people would not like it and call for censorship because well… kids browse the internet and understandably parents dont want their kids to do anything on the internet . Also, porn tends to be dissociated a little bit on the internet, it rarely gets official public access.


Melodic_Manager_9555 t1_j7jygnm wrote

what's the problem with making the switch, with parental controls? If parents do not follow or turn on this nsfw filter themselves, then this will be their problem.


zero0n3 t1_j7itsta wrote

Their revenue stream isn’t based on ads.

MS will win simply because as we get AI assistants - ad viewing will go down. How does google show me an ad if I’m not going to google and instead asking the same question to clippy and getting a legit, good answer back?

The key is asking good questions. Include things like “include a list of sources where your data came from and can be verified” or things like that.


solidwhetstone t1_j7jr3pe wrote

Where Google can win is assistant. If assistant can know my schedule, read and reply to email, and help me brainstorm through life, I will definitely use it over chatgpt.


albions_buht-mnch t1_j7inr6a wrote

Microsoft is partnered with Open AI right? That's where my money is. Google is lightyears behind Open AI atm from what I understand.


DuckyBertDuck t1_j7j03r1 wrote

Google isn't behind. They aren't making their models public but that doesn't mean a lot. PaLM seems very promising. Their research about scaling laws is also great.


Bakagami- t1_j7itosc wrote

I don't mean ill but sorry you really don't understand then, and definitely shouldn't put your money on things you're clueless about as you said. Even the transformer architecture itself which OpenAI uses for their models such as GPT was invented by Google.


X-msky t1_j7jsl17 wrote

DeepMind has better AI then OpenAI But having the better technology doesn't necessarily means winning the war


kamenpb t1_j7huq7e wrote

I think whoever releases their model as a smartphone app that includes an option for voice synthesis will win.
A model that's slightly more agentic than chatgpt (sparrow seems to be), with a solid voice (think elevenlabs), and available on your phone = winner.
Google seems like they're in a better position to ultimately provide that at scale.
But if their plan this year is to release a slightly better version of AI kitchen, then it's no contest.. people will just keep using ChatGPT.


HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hvf56 wrote

Absolutely agreed, that would be amazing and life changing to have such tech!


Talkat t1_j7j2pgq wrote

Agreed... However I'm surprised such a thing doesn't exist yet.

OpenAI has whisper which is great an voice to text (and open source)

The text can then be input to GTP3

And then the result spoken via elevenlabs.

This is just plugging some apis together in an app...

Why hasn't this been done


citizentim t1_j7je2lq wrote

like, literally, wait a month. The speed at which everything is moving-- I'm sure it's being worked out.


Talkat t1_j7mwqjd wrote

My point is more that for an experienced developer it would take them a day. For an inexperienced developer less than a week.

I guess my real question is how come I'm not doing this?!


Feebleminded10 t1_j7i8o9n wrote

Yeah i want a customized voice i want an African female voice with a British accent.


Talkat t1_j7j2jgs wrote

Better yet you can find your "ideal" voice on YouTube and then clone that specific voice


Redditing-Dutchman t1_j7klnz0 wrote

There is only one acceptable voice for an AI assistant and thats Mr Gutsy from Fallout 4 ;)


Ginkotree48 t1_j7hgvxl wrote

Have you guys even tried lamda ?! Its horrible. At least the version they are granting people early access to. I cant help but assume everyone is still riding off the perception that google is the biggest and baddest in the game.

Ask yourself why they invested in chat gpts biggest rival


Professional-Song216 t1_j7hk4op wrote

What specifically is terrible about it?


YobaiYamete t1_j7i88n3 wrote

It's censored to hell and back (more than even ChatGPT) and it would only let you pick from multiple choice options when asking it stuff. Many also said it was just dumb


Talkat t1_j7jgnwa wrote

Yeah it is Terrible. No idea why they castrated it as they did.


vegita1022 t1_j7im5i5 wrote

I agree with you. Lambda beta is stupidly dumb compared to chatGPT. I got in on the beta. I tried it once and just went back to chatGPT. Who's chatGPT's biggest rival?


Artanthos t1_j7hs1ss wrote

It’s also a scaled down version, not the full version.


ShadowRazz t1_j7hp8fp wrote

What makes it horrible? Have you used it?


Ginkotree48 t1_j7i5mf7 wrote

Yes they are letting people sign up for early access.

Two of the three "types" they let you use dont even let you type free word responses. It generates 5 responses to choose from. I usually dont like any of them.

The one type that lets you type responses to as if its chat gpt doesnt understand 1/10 of what chat gpt does.


Stakbrok t1_j7hxyc6 wrote

ChatGPT4 (or even the 3 we have now) > LaMDA, so Microsoft for sure.


el_chaquiste t1_j7i2fqb wrote

I'm thrilled to see how that plays out.

ChatGPT might have first to market advantage. People got to know it and its quirks.

But Google's LLMs might be bigger and better, we just don't know, given they haven't released anything yet.

My hunch is Google has the first adopter advantage, but was internally scared of LLMs potential for disrupting their main revenue stream (ad clicks while searching and finding), and also of the political implications of non sanitized responses, and have been busy trying to trim inappropriate ones.

Something that, let's notice, ChatGPT might also have an advantage over them as well, by releasing it earlier and enduring public criticism and scrutiny for longer.


Eledridan t1_j7if66f wrote

Google’s is going to be as good as their Facebook killer that no one used.


jasonwilczak t1_j7iuxxh wrote

Surprised at the results. Google has had some great ideas in the past...but right now? A lot of copying and abandoning stuff... I don't know, really what has Google innovated recently that was successful?

Literally Google that... It's not promising... Anyway, I'm sure I'm wrong lol but just not really sure what they've done recently that was theirs and successful. Hard to see how this will be different.


22HitchSlaps t1_j7hleaw wrote

Better Vs more popular are very different metrics


HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hr0hg wrote

Yes, very true. But in this particular situation i think they would be strongly related.. because the only thing that really matters is which one is better and easier to use.. whatever that is, that will be more popular.

But true that not necessarily. But then again this will be adopted earliest by the more tech savvy parts of the populations, and what they choose will also have a strong influence on what other more normal people will start to use.

Or people will just be like "Oh google assistant is better now" and bing people will be like.. "Oh, finally, i can talk with Bing!"


Yelov t1_j7jy5ex wrote

The vast majority of people use Google. If Microsoft and Google release their AI models into their search engines at a similar time, people won't really feel the need to switch from Google to Bing, even if it's better. At least the majority of people wouldn't care that much. It's not like your average person is following this closely. Likewise people who use Bing probably won't switch to Google.


meatlamma t1_j7j81zv wrote

MSFT, let me hexplain:

Google's main business is advertisement, __you__ are the product, they do not give a rat's ass about your experience as long as your eyeballs see the ads they plastered all over the search results. Have you seen Google results lately? Your results do not even appear on the first screen! You must scroll to even see your results.

Microsoft is a customer-centric company they should care about user experience, hence their search/ai should be more pleasant to use.

I don't like MS even more than Google but Google search is absolute garbage now and I do not see Google changing its business model, AI or not.

The bar is set is pretty low, and Microsoft's bing powered by AI can easily become the next landing page of the world.


[deleted] t1_j7ihxq8 wrote



shmoculus t1_j7ilnqr wrote

Google search, Google docs, Andorid, Gmail. Almost everything else is a pain in the ass to use. TensorFlow vs Pytorch, Angular vs React and maybe even Kubernetes vs something I'm not aware of. Remember Google Plus, Google Glass all of their labs products they abandonded? They're not great at delivering consumer products. Not to mention their search, youtube and maps etc is just of full ad driven bloat now


94746382926 t1_j7iqrlf wrote

Yup and this could easily be replaced on Microsoft's end.

Bing, Microsoft office, Android (these apps all work best on Android and Google legally probably can't block them lol), and Outlook.

Currently they don't see the adoption because it's easier to stay in the Google ecosystem for most people (myself included). If GPT sees right integration into them all however, this could significantly improve their value over what Google has if Google doesn't respond appropriately.

I focused on Mobile here but now that I think about it I'm not sure Microsoft even cares that much about mobile as most of their income comes from businesses.


kinetsu_hayabusa t1_j7j6zn4 wrote

I think google because microsoft can't even make descent web browser


HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hibjq wrote

Wow, so to the people who think Google will do better, what do they have that could compete with ChatGTP?

I think it is very possible that eventually Google can come up with something better than ChatGTP. For sure, with the resources they have.

But at the moment? Lamda does not seem to be as suited for what ChatGTP can do. They are just quickly hurrying to build something that can imitate CGTPs abilities. Unless they have already been working on a similar system.


zero0n3 t1_j7iup5q wrote

Look. The way I see it - if they had something as good as chstGPT, they would have already found a way to monetize it or beta it publicly.

They don’t and wont catch up because google VS MS isn’t a fair fight.

Google is like ALL ad revenue based. AI like this is what will DESTROY their business model overnight.

MS, on the other hand, has office365 / Azure / etc.

Their AI is going to actually be useful and it’s adoption rate is going to be astronomically fast once the benefits are seen.

Google has no chance unless they are willing to lose half their ad revenue to compete properly.


Ty199 t1_j7iybuu wrote

Microsoft don’t really have a share of the mobile market, unless they find ways to grow there it will be hard to compete with google in this area.

At this moment GPT is better than Lambda but i feel like google has the potential to catch up fairly easily.


mskogly t1_j7jd96b wrote

I have no idea. I would preffer one that gives the same nice summaries that chatgpt makes now but with references for fact checking. It looks like Microsoft’s Bing will get there first.


Goldisap t1_j7jed6m wrote

Microsoft will embed this technology inside of Windows 12


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_j7jy3lr wrote

It's going to be expensive. I grabbed a huge envelope. Even assuming one cent per request, Google would have to pay tens of millions per hour at least. How will they earn it back? I think they won't for several years. Unless they keep the service minimal and do something clever. My friend Fred says that Facebook will surprise us with something in a few months. And they might even offer images alongside the text albeit not high resolution.


bustedbuddha t1_j7kmu4r wrote

I think the increasing rate of change means that they will both perpetually be changing in reaction to one another.


civilrunner t1_j7kshv9 wrote

I personally more look forward to Microsoft incorporating generative AI into Microsoft office. It could be awesome for Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, etc.. Will be curious if they could even compete with Adobe with a generative AI illustrator and graphic editor added to the office suite.

I suspect google will also incorporate generative AI into google docs, but office is still far more powerful today and more commonly used.

Search will be neat, though need models to be able determine fact from fiction and not make up information it doesn't definitively "know" before its really useful. Curious how long it will take to do that.


TemetN t1_j7m4vt3 wrote

Over what time period? Immediately, I think Microsoft, since frankly Google has hesitated and is attempting to put out an old product that is (not yet at least) living up to ChatGPT (despite it also being old). In the long run DeepMind may give Google an advantage though.


I voted for Microsoft on the assumption this was immediate/short term.


SkySake t1_j7hdkxn wrote

google is turning more evil and evil.


HumanSeeing OP t1_j7hemop wrote

Its also interesting to think about corporations as super intelligent agents making changes in the world. Google might be becoming more evil and evil. But googles deepmind is a company that i do have faith in.

Demis Hassabis (CEO of deepmind) is an amazing human being and you can see that he genuinely wants good for humanity.. so, that makes me feel a bit better about it. And they already have applied AI to many fields to solve many problems we are facing.

And they also have some agreements to limit the evil that google could ever make deepmind do, but i am too lazy to go look up the details right now. Would love to hear if someone remembers.