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el_chaquiste t1_j7jsxfu wrote

I won't dare many predictions. Things are a bit crazy right now.

Seems we are on the cusp of a big bubble, with a deluge of investments flooding into AI startups, some with valuable products, others far less, and only time will tell which is which.

I wouldn't bet against the big players, though, specially on their fiefdoms. Any startup promising to beat Microsoft, Google or OpenAI on their territory and against their leverage of millions of users, ought to be suspect.


MrTacobeans t1_j7jwmn3 wrote

I donno stability although it seems like a well funded machine of a organization now, beat openAI incredibly fast at a time when their funding was no where near the level of openAI. All while producing a model that can throw strong punches against DALLE without using multiple industrial GPUs to inference each image.

Now stability has DeepFloyd which is a nebulous/ethereal model under lock&key atm that seems to be completely SOTA just from the base model.

I wouldn't discount the small players, especially the ones that plan on open source. People have done wild things with stable diffusion. The model I'm following right now for LLM, RWKV is creating pretty darn impressive results at 14B parameters. Compared to chatGPT it's ok but the big difference is you need 15k+ of hardware to even inference the chatGPT model. RWKV from it's base model is creating coherent results on consumer hardware. It hasn't even been tuned yet with RL training or q&a data.