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ahtoshkaa2 t1_ja95txr wrote

Yeah. I'm waiting for all my clients to drop me... I know they will sooner or later. My only saving grace is that, unlike them, I know English and they don't. So even if they try to interact with ChatGPT, they won't be able to get the same quality output as I am able to.

But this won't last for long...

Are you also working in a vulnerable field that will soon disappear?


User1539 t1_ja96kkl wrote

I write software and I've been sort of avoiding a management position for a while.

I'm starting to think I'm going to end my career managing AI to write the software underpinning the processes management comes up with.

If there's any work to be done at all, it'll probably be in a middle-man position like that, because I can tell you from experience the people making the decisions just don't think logically, and will still need someone to point out logical inconsistencies in their ideas, and work through them to something that can be implemented.

Communication with illogical humans has always been the hardest part of my job, so it'll probably be the last thing AI figures out how to do.


czk_21 t1_jaaaaxe wrote

thing is that "management" can be automated as well, why pay CEO 100million dollars when you can have AI doing that for 100 dollars....


User1539 t1_jaado2e wrote

I don't want to get too deep into what I do for a living, but 'tradition' could probably keep it going for 4-5 generations ... long past my retirement age.

That same sense of tradition will keep people in charge for at least as long.