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Surur t1_ja2sbo1 wrote

5 years ago.

Here is an updated 3 years later.


ToHallowMySleep t1_ja35hdg wrote

Summary for those who don't want to watch the whole thing: the effects wore off slightly over time, but he is down to a more normal level of lactose intolerance, as opposed to the extreme level he was before. So there is still long-term benefit.


[deleted] OP t1_ja39tux wrote

This was expected. Gene therapy isn't necessarily permanent.


Nervous-Newt848 t1_ja5tzzs wrote

Probably didnt do it right and it is supposed to be somewhat permanent... I will say cells can accumulate dna mutations over time due to environmental factors and faulty dna replication... Idk if 5 years is long enough... He probably didnt have enough dna editing viral vector


Nervous-Newt848 t1_ja5uxie wrote

Gene therapy is as permanent as it gets... It may not necessarily be permanent because of the epigenome and because of poor dna replication... Dna replication isnt 100% accurate


AwesomeDragon97 t1_ja62k4q wrote

Not all cells in the body are affected so it’s likely that the cells that got the gene died and were replaced by cells without the gene.


px403 t1_ja4bugz wrote

Thought Emporium is the first thing I ever Patreoned, and he's still cranking out premium content at a legendary rate. Everything he does is cool as shit. I've spent days watching his videos. He does these multi hour long live streams where he builds plasmids with Benchling for doing super random edits, like the time he made onions that don't give you tears when you cut into them.


pallablu t1_ja4jdwa wrote

Did he made post in patrone about growing opals?


IslamDunk t1_ja3pwl5 wrote

I remember that video being posted on Reddit a while ago and everyone said he’d get cancer.


digifa t1_ja3t338 wrote

Well, there is an inherent risk of developing cancer, but that risk isn’t likely any higher than getting the flu or any other virus—especially so since he used an AAV. Still risky, but he seemed to know what he was doing, which would have lowered the chances. No released paper yet though, which would seem odd given what he has ‘supposedly’ done.


helpskinissues t1_ja2otur wrote

Well. If true and safe, cool shit. But still unreleased paper.


FellatioWanger3000 t1_ja59hes wrote

I can see people experimenting on themselves more in the future, using AI to help. Bypassing medical testing rules and Big Pharma.


Deightine t1_ja5wys0 wrote

People are already doing it right now with anything the FDA isn't regulating. Huge market in adjusting your micro nutrients and amino acids, for example. Some few people hitting themselves with modifications using crispr.

And before the regulations over the pharma industry between 1900-1930, a lot of people were doing some really ethically questionable basement level home science, while snake oil salesman were out selling poisonously doctored cherry juice in the streets. Basically, the scam homeopathy of the 1800s.

One of the fascinating but potentially horrifying elements of singularity is that inevitably, regulation will fall behind advancement, and self-experiment will be one of the few ethical high turnaround human testing models, as it eliminates the coercion ethical concerns. This is one of the reasons that the organs on chips and such are being developed at the moment--cuts out the live animal testing models.

I am a huge fan of the AI premodeling advances right now.


Sea-Cake7470 t1_ja70s7z wrote

But that's not even their fault!! People are tired of their illnesses and innovations and breakthrough in medical science is slower then a slugs pace!!! I mean we don't even have a easy cure for uncomplicated diseases like ibs which a million people suffers from in all over the world!! Let's not even include complicated more serious diseases here when we don't even have cures for comparatively less grave diseases!!! People are tired and desperate for cures and answers and they're ready to take matters in their hands as cures in our regular usual medical fields our sort of Dead!! Like how much do they've progressed in finding cures for common cold,ibs and autoimmune diseases, diabetes!!! If singularity has potential to give me that I'll take it above anything!!!


FellatioWanger3000 t1_ja73ye7 wrote

I agree. Big Pharma's motto has always been, "it's more profitable to treat, than to cure", and people are sick of it.


Kaje26 t1_ja4wg35 wrote

I mean… if he wants to be a guinea pig and test it on himself, there’s nobody stopping him, I guess.


lorimar t1_ja557rz wrote

So if he lacked toes before, does this mean he grew toes?


SecretAgendaMan t1_ja58jj9 wrote

No, it means he's more accommodating of people who don't have as many toes.


lorimar t1_ja5vfmt wrote

Can't trust those stumpy bastards


SecretAgendaMan t1_ja5y0a7 wrote

See, it's attitude like this that my Spanish friend Bob felt the need to put on a cheap elastic prosthetic at the end of his foot. Poor Roberto!


archpawn t1_ja5vcpz wrote

He only lacked toes in taller ants. Shorter ants had toes, but now he grew toes for the taller ants.


Darkhorseman81 t1_ja6dpa4 wrote


I want to reawaken and restore the network of genes involved in vitamin C production we had when a younger species.

Want to correct the drought flood responses in the terrible western diet, which causes epigenetic issues.

The body doesnt store it and use it at a constant rate, meaning you need slow release Vitamin C, or a constant supply; eating small amounts, constantly.


yachtsandthots t1_ja6o5fs wrote

Liz Parrish did this with telomerase and a myostatin inhibitor


Gordon_Freeman01 t1_ja7st55 wrote

Will I be able to make gene editing on myself in the future ? I want to have wings 😃


[deleted] OP t1_ja4cp6j wrote



CODDE117 t1_ja4zm7a wrote

Lactose intolerance isn't a gut bacteria issue


[deleted] OP t1_ja3lo4t wrote



[deleted] OP t1_ja3933l wrote



ObiWanCanShowMe t1_ja3nac6 wrote

Corporations do not disappear people over innovation, they buy them out and milk what they can.


CODDE117 t1_ja4trna wrote

Thank you. This is generally how life works.


jaxnscotch t1_ja3w11u wrote

This is great!

I don't think they meant it in a bad way, but "cure" implies lactose intolerance is an illness. In reality, people who can digest lactose are in the minority, world wide.


px403 t1_ja4ci9i wrote

Ice cream makes my tummy hurt. If the treatment he built was commercialized, I would buy the shit out of it. The kind of hacking that I do tends to wreck shit though, so I'm not quite at the point where I'd inject anything that I made myself.


AwesomeDragon97 t1_ja56hqq wrote

Digesting lactose is a highly advantageous trait, so lacking it is a genetic disorder. I have met many people who are lactose intolerant and wish that they could digest lactose, but I have never met one person who wished they were lactose intolerant. The inability to produce certain amino acids is also a genetic disorder, and the entire population has it.


Ambiwlans t1_ja4419p wrote

Still an illness You could probably define the lack of ability to fly as an illness.


effinofinus t1_ja4cuj9 wrote

Could I preorder the cure for this please?


ShidaPenns t1_ja4wr3x wrote

You can pre-order mine, unfortunately my cure is a cannon.