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Ok-Ability-OP t1_ja1y5t4 wrote

If something akin to chatGPT3 can run on a single GPU already, I'm speechless. I'm actually quite surprised and thought it would take a few cycles of optimization for something like this to occur. Would be wild to see how much they could optimize this. Could they get it to run on a phone one day? It would be awesome.


FaceDeer t1_ja23lku wrote

I'd be happy with it just running on my home computer's GPU, I could use my phone as a dumb terminal to talk with it.

This is amazing. I keep telling myself I shouldn't underestimate AI's breakneck development pace, and I keep being surprised anyway.


Z1BattleBoy21 t1_ja2jtse wrote

I think LLMs running on a phone would be really interesting for assistants; AFAIK siri is required to on hardware only


duffmanhb t1_ja2nzfa wrote

Siri was exclusively cloud based for the longest time. They only brought over basic functions to local hardware.


NoidoDev t1_ja5sjcu wrote

>I'd be happy with it just running on my home computer's GPU

This, but as a separate server or rig for security reasons. As external brain for you robowaifus and maybe other devices like housekeeping robots at home.


visarga t1_ja2tdeu wrote

> Could they get it to run on a phone one day? It would be awesome.

It would be Google's worst nightmare. Such a model could sit between the user and their ad-infested pages, extracting just the useful bits of information and ignoring the ads.

Using the internet without your local AI bot would be like walking outside without a mask during COVID waves. It's not just the ads and spam, but also the AIs used by various companies that don't have your best interest at heart. I expect all web browsers to have a LLM inside. Or maybe the operating systems.

It will be like "my lawyer will be talking to your lawyer" - but with AIs. You can't expose raw humans to external AI assault, humans need protection-AI just like we need an immune system to protect from viruses.


katiecharm t1_ja602o7 wrote

Hell humans already need AI protection from other AI. We need a web surfing companion that can easily mark accounts that are likely to be foreign influence farms and fury-generating bots. We need disinfo pointed out, and perhaps even help crafting our message so it comes across in the best way.


gelukuMLG t1_ja1zm8l wrote

The LM's side is starting to catch up to image generation models, and soon voice generation/synthesis will follow.


Zer0D0wn83 t1_ja2djip wrote

Voice generation is already way more impressive than I thought it would be. Check out Apple's AI-read audiobooks


Antiabed t1_ja389cp wrote

Where can I find examples? I thought they don’t disclose which books are read by AI.


SimpingForAI t1_ja3nbeh wrote

LM's trained on both text and speech audio will sound exactly like you are having a conversation with a person since it will understand what it is saying.


Akashictruth t1_ja3awb4 wrote

They mean a top of the line gpu priced in the thoudands like RTX 4090 and its probably slow as hell, barely consumer-grade


katiecharm t1_ja605k0 wrote

The idea that ChatGPT can run slowly on a 4090 is shockingly amazing still.


NoidoDev t1_ja5sofb wrote

>Could they get it to run on a phone one day?

Phone? If you can put it into a phone then you can put it into a gynoid (female robot) as your companion.


HermanCainsGhost t1_ja30rfd wrote

You can run Stable Diffusion on a phone, so it wouldn’t shock me at all if we can soon run GPT on a phone