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AylaDoesntLikeYou OP t1_ja2zsiw wrote

Imagine having an extremely intelligent Ai versed in almost every topic built right into your phone.

You get lost in the wilderness, You would be able to communicate with the Ai, it would tell you how to survive.

Or for some reason you need immediate medical advice, say for an emergency, like stiching up a wound, or making splint, or even locating medicinal plants in your area.

There are so many different applications for this technology, especially when it's accessible at all times on your phone.

Eventually we will be able to customize it's personality traits as well, and it would be like having the smartest friend who's always there for you. Like a real guardian angel or something like that.


Intrepid_Meringue_93 t1_ja3j9th wrote

I dislike the idea of using AI that's controlled by a company so think about an AI that runs on your personal computer and that does not need internet to work. Imagine it's born like an infant, with a default state and it grows to fit you and your personality. Imagine having it talk to you through wireless earbuds that look more like low profile accessories and imagine it show you information through smart lenses. AI could become invisible technology, a voice in your head that only you can hear, that only you can control and that greatly expands your capabilities. Distributed, invisible and safe AI, that's the optimal future.


turnip_burrito t1_ja4urgn wrote

A modification: I think the optimal future is one where all our personal AI are kept in some bounds by the programming of a superior, autonomous, human-aligned ASI. Not sure what the bounds are thpugh. It can figure that out by discussions with us.