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jeweliegb t1_ja5u4p6 wrote

As above, but drugged up. I'm sure AI can invent a suitable drug.


Shamwowz21 t1_ja7xrj8 wrote

They’d better stop challenging you to come up with ‘genie-side-effects’ lol (Aka the alignment problem) As long as there’s free will, we’d better get used to the idea of treating the AI well and hope to be deserving of its gifts, for nothing is set in stone. We just have to be people worthy of being treated well, in return.


jeweliegb t1_jaa1uc8 wrote

I know! I'm amazed people kept playing this game in this sub of all subs!


dasnihil t1_ja7fyg2 wrote

we define what "quality of life" means besides the drug induced pleasure, i want that too lol.