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Liberty2012 t1_ja0vrjq wrote

Much of what you write is in line with what many hope AI will bring to the world. It is the instinctive concept that appears within our minds when we imagine what could be.

However, 'what could be' and 'what will be' are often stark contradictions. Given enough contemplation the negative possibilities begin to become a bit more concerning. Have you looked deeper into the potential unwanted side effects and have any thoughts thereof?


RemyVonLion t1_ja118z9 wrote

Yeah this is my main concern going into computer science to develop AI since politics seem hopeless, accelerationism seems like a scary idea with the current state of the world. It's sad we get downvoted for voicing these concerns.


Liberty2012 t1_ja14e8j wrote

I agree, although when I began writing on these topics recently I have been somewhat hopeful as more people are aware of concerns than I had anticipated.

There is an enormous hype storm right now, but I see a bit of reality and more careful reflection joining conversations. Hopefully with enough discussion and dialog we can bring as much reason as possible into focus.

FYI, in the event you are interested. This is a bit lengthy, but it is a summary of some recent thoughts about the evolution of AI as we continue to push forward in this endeavor. I'm always looking for more feedback and conversation.


getoffredditgo t1_ja1yk70 wrote

This is exactly the type of writing/reflection I've been looking for, thank-you