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EnomLee t1_jae46bl wrote

And on that scale of value, people who choose to try and apply effort will always be worth more than people who do not. Overthrowing Capitalism would not change that, and if your only reason to do so is to prevent people from calling you out on your short attention span, then you're every bit the caricature that conservatives flog when they argue against leftist social programs and reforms.


Iffykindofguy t1_jae4hua wrote

Calm yourself boy, I already said theyre on a scale so not sure why youre suddenly repeating my point about people havign different values. As far as your hard work theory, so you are just lucky and born a hard worker and lazy pieces of shit are unlucky?


EnomLee t1_jae7frz wrote

And now you're swinging at the dark. Let's refocus.

You dismissed the OP as the propagator of another shitty, random blog. I am telling you that Yuli-Ban is one of the better posters on this subreddit and that it would be much poorer without them. That's all I wanted to say. Take it as you will.


Iffykindofguy t1_jae84gl wrote

Swinging in the dark? Brother you brought up leftist social programs and reforms. Stay in your lane and preferably away from me. Have a good day.


EnomLee t1_jaeagbe wrote

And you brought up capitalist propaganda in a conversation that had nothing to do with economics…

So let’s call it even. :)


Iffykindofguy t1_jaefqev wrote

It IS capitalist propaganda. The idea that there are these great leaders of men: thats why ceos deserve 5000 times what you make /s


EnomLee t1_jaeu8ee wrote

Can't say I'm interested in defending CEO worship, so no argument there. The Zuckerbergs, Bezoses and Musks of the world are not our friends.