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EnomLee t1_jae7frz wrote

And now you're swinging at the dark. Let's refocus.

You dismissed the OP as the propagator of another shitty, random blog. I am telling you that Yuli-Ban is one of the better posters on this subreddit and that it would be much poorer without them. That's all I wanted to say. Take it as you will.


Iffykindofguy t1_jae84gl wrote

Swinging in the dark? Brother you brought up leftist social programs and reforms. Stay in your lane and preferably away from me. Have a good day.


EnomLee t1_jaeagbe wrote

And you brought up capitalist propaganda in a conversation that had nothing to do with economics…

So let’s call it even. :)


Iffykindofguy t1_jaefqev wrote

It IS capitalist propaganda. The idea that there are these great leaders of men: thats why ceos deserve 5000 times what you make /s


EnomLee t1_jaeu8ee wrote

Can't say I'm interested in defending CEO worship, so no argument there. The Zuckerbergs, Bezoses and Musks of the world are not our friends.