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TFenrir t1_j96hi1f wrote

Reply to comment by [deleted] in What’s up with DeepMind? by BobbyWOWO

I generally appreciate what you are saying, and I feel more or less the same way, in the sense that I think that these models should be in our hands sooner, rather than later, so that we can give appropriate large scale feedback... But I also think the reasoning to hold back is more complicated. I get the impression that fear of bad results is a big part of the anxiety people like Demis feel.


Gagarin1961 t1_j97l74o wrote

> get the impression that fear of bad results is a big part of the anxiety people like Demis feel.

Then he shouldn’t be upset with chatGPT at all, as their product hasn’t produced a particularly “bad” result.

It’s been nothing but positive for millions. He was wrong, the time is right.


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TFenrir t1_j96v7w5 wrote

It's too easy to look at people who don't give you what you want as monsters, but I think we do ourselves a disservice if we eschew nuance for thoughts that affirm our frustrations.


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TFenrir t1_j971ped wrote

You're not displaying any ability to look at situations like this with nuance. It's extremely simplistic to look at the world like it's composed of good guys and bad guys, and you do yourself a disservice when you fall into that trap.

It's not dick-riding to say "maybe there are more complicated reasons that people want to be cautious about the AI they release other than being power hungry, mustache twirling villains".

As a creative exercise, could you imagine a reason that you may even begrudgingly agree with, that someone like Demis would have to hesitate to share their AI? If you can't, don't you think that's telling?


Honest_Performer2301 t1_j973cwh wrote

They pioneered this shi while you sat at home watching cartoons farting. Show some respect. I'm so sick of ignorant ungrateful people


BlessedBobo t1_j97e1qv wrote

you seem to be pretty damn entitled for someone who contributes absolutely nothing to humanity


ccnmncc t1_j97ntm6 wrote

Every consciousness has something to contribute to the universe.

But yeah - some more than others.


MuseBlessed t1_j97ugs1 wrote

Want to thank you for helping combat dehumanization.