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el_chaquiste t1_ja54zzh wrote

The path leading to the optimum outcome is usually really hard to guess in advance, but seems easy in retrospective.

Happened to Google, which surely must be regretting being so open about transformers and attention right now.


oatmeal915 t1_ja54dq0 wrote

You ever heard of AlphaStar?


Baetallo t1_ja55hlc wrote

Alpha go 2015

Open ai dota 2017

Alpha starcraft 2019.

So i guess its like a bicycle to a spacecraft to a really fast spacecraft.


TFenrir t1_ja55hrf wrote

? Idiocy? You think anyone at DeepMind is an idiot?

Look, we can talk about the value of solving for something like Go/Baduk, even in just getting people to understand the power of RL (as it was predicted it would be another decade before anyone would be able to beat a master), or we can talk about the fact that DeepMind has dozens of concurrent projects running at any given time and they have models that have been trained in everything from Atari games, to Starcraft - to models that are embodied in robots or models trained on stabilizing plasma... But what I think is more important is you try to remember that none of these organizations is composed of idiots.

They are made of international teams, filled to the brim with people who have excelled in their careers and in usually everything they have attempted in their lives. I don't think you need to show respect or anything dramatic like that, but if you are approaching your critique of their actions with this assumption that they are like... Dumb. Don't. We can put aside that even your critique here shows you don't have a good understanding of what they are working on, because I think before all that, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't appreciate the depth of consideration that goes into basically everyone of their decisions. Even if there are missteps and mistakes, none of them come from idiocy.


Baetallo t1_ja55r52 wrote

In comparison to the strategic decision made by OpenAi to develop an ai to play a VIDEO game


turnip_burrito t1_ja55xpa wrote

Do you realize that algorithmically, it is much easier to test approaches on finite state games and later scale up to games with infinite states?


TFenrir t1_ja5m755 wrote

Okay let me try a different response. What efforts do you think DeepMind has had in creating models/agents that can play video games?


turnip_burrito t1_ja55i8y wrote


Okay buddy, let's see you advance the field of AI in a smarter way.


Baetallo t1_ja55tta wrote

Please note ‘when compared to’


turnip_burrito t1_ja564o3 wrote

It's still not idiotic.

DeepMind's decision makes sense. Even in light of other teams making different decisions.