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FeDuke t1_ja33bjs wrote

If you build from clay?


Pug124635 OP t1_ja33yl5 wrote

We do that with brick and block. It’s still a very expensive refining process unfortunately. See uk housing market. And if you mean getting like dirt from the fields and turning it into clay. Maybe with 3D printing or something but not all dirt is equal and it’s still way off 20yrs for this to be reality.


FeDuke t1_ja34p1n wrote

In all seriousness, we'll never see this as a reality. Law makers don't want affordable housing. But, if we're moving to a point in time when AI is humanity's caregiver, why couldn't this happen? A centralized spot where resources are abundant could make it a reality.


prion t1_ja4d3o4 wrote

More and more of us are caring less and less what "law makers" want. They either work for the general welfare or they can get the fuck out of the way and we will do it.

And I'm serious here. Have you taken a hard look at what one of the two parties are concerned with?

People playing adult dress up?

Christian Nationalism?

Censoring journalists?

Banning certain fields of studies in colleges?

They become more irrelevant every time they open their fucking nasty ass mouths.

A tripping point will be reached and something like Rome will occur. Except this time it will be the majority leaving them on their ass and forming a coalition with them excluded.


FeDuke t1_ja4kju6 wrote

Yeah, but then another one comes along, says all the right things, momentum is lost, and you're back to square one. There is no getting out of the system, you participate or leave for a less secure area of the world. It's a losing battle. If you can't beat'm, join'm.


Pug124635 OP t1_ja35mg9 wrote

I’m actually really socialist. I’m just being realistic. I do believe it will happen at some point. It’s just people saying singularity in 20yrs and we will have unlimited everything and live forever etc. but does anyone really believe that in 20yrs materials to build a whole house will basically be free and we will have ai robots capable of digging up all the roads and installing electric, water, internet and sewers and then connecting all the plumbing and electricity up inside? An ai wouldn’t even know where to begin to dig let alone tap into existing mains and distribute it and the dexterity to do it all.


FeDuke t1_ja38s9u wrote

You can forget about 20 years. I wouldn't even say 200 years. You'd have to start anew on a different planet. But let's say that we stick around here. You could set up production to automate. It wouldn't be one single robot, it would be multiple doing different tasks and coordinating with each other.


Pug124635 OP t1_ja3a91n wrote

I can 100% see this happening just not in 20yrs sadly


DarkCeldori t1_ja5whou wrote

What youre forgetting is two things asi and nanomachines.


FeDuke t1_ja3br4x wrote

Unfortunately, it would take the deconstruction of our current system. It doesn't matter what 'ism' you subscribe to; they all work if they aren't infected by corruption. It is possible to draw merit from each teaching/lifestyle.