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IluvBsissa t1_ja3akaz wrote

Altman is some degree. I do eco-construction and you can definitely build a well insulated house with local raw materials (adobe, clay, compressed earth brick, straw). No concrete or fancy material though. Electric system could be 3d printed in the future and directly integrated in the structure.


Pug124635 OP t1_ja3axm8 wrote

Oh really? This is interesting. Have you got any suggestions on the utilities issue?


IluvBsissa t1_ja3b7py wrote

We could use hemp and dead wood to 3d print basic furnitures.


DarkCeldori t1_ja5uecn wrote

Utilities? U mean water and electricity? That can be captured from rain and from sun. Carbon from the atmosphere can be used to build diamondoid materials and nanotubes. Allowing for structures 100x stronger than steel. Nanostructured carbon is believed may be strong enough to build a cable into space.

Similar use of cheap ubiquitous minerals allow for creation of electronics, antennas, filters, insulation once they are nanostructured.

A day will come when the infrastructure itself is alive and the buildings grow and repair themselves according to designs.

Shortly after agi asi is likely and shortly after asi mastery of nanotechnology. Nanomachines allow for human equivalent droid creation. But also the structures themselves can grow change repair and clean as needed.


BlueShipman t1_ja3p2e7 wrote

Cool I can't wait for the future where I can live in a mud hut.


DarkCeldori t1_ja5uobp wrote

Mud isnt the only ubiquitous thing, carbon is as well a diamond or diamondoid house is easy.