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Capitaclism t1_ja3hvim wrote

I have worked with both housing and tech. I believe he must be thinking of nanobot equivalent robots, or other small bots which can gather resources and synthesize materials. I can see how in some possible future this could be done with the foundation and overall structure, but have a harder time understanding plumbing, electrical.

Go far enough into the future and anything is possible, I guess. Sounds like Sam was vague enough to allow for these far out possibilities. Either that or he lacks even the most basic understanding of how to build housing.


Pug124635 OP t1_ja3jdr1 wrote

Yeah I’m glad that people in the know can see where I’m coming from. It’s just so complex isn’t it.


iNstein t1_ja57q9y wrote

With nanobots, anything is possible. Incinerator toilets take care if sewer and rainwater plus tank snd nanobot recycling means plumbing taken care of. Probably use carbon dioxide to make carbon fibre for electricity transmission which will be powered by solar panels and battery bank.

Weirdly a lot of people here claim to understand the singularity but then say none of this will be possible for many decades. Pretty much this is within the first few years of the singularity. Just sounds fantastical to us right now because we are so low in the curve atm.


Capitaclism t1_ja61i4c wrote

No one here truly knows when it'll be possible, though we can speculate. Some will be more conservative than others, but let's not pretend we can truly see anything past then next 5-10 years when we're advancing st such ridiculous speeds. Some things which seem simple will hit hard snags and take much longer than expected and others which seemed to be hard problems will come easily.

That's the way of life.


DarkCeldori t1_ja5vvwe wrote

Batteries are inferior to hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are more energy dense, easier to transport, and only produce co2 which is not a concern once u have the ability to mass drain the atmosphere from co2. Co2 production and recycling can be a closed loop with biosynthesized hydrocarbons.

Only reason youd use batteries was if energy efficiency of hydrocarbon generation from sun couldnt be brought up to par with battery energy storage.


DarkCeldori t1_ja5v8zh wrote

Carbon nanostructured is ballistic conductor iirc. And biological pipes are far better than artificial pipes. Humans have gene defect on vitamin c synthesis that causes pipe clogging, but there are animals that last for multiple centuries without clogging of their pipes.

Imagine pipes that expand, contract self repair and self clean.