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No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_ja3r1zw wrote

I have no PhD in economics, but it seems to me that Altman will say anything to attract new investors. What he says doesn't make sense to me either, and he might not really believe it himself. Anyway having lots of personal robots like in a science fiction story won't be feasible for decades. IMO you can have several self-driving cars and simple robots but nothing capable of replacing skilled workers.

Currently Deep Learning systems are static, meaning that they are trained once and their parameters don't change. IMO that is not good enough. More realistic spiking neural networks are small because no one is that interested in them yet. Spinnaker in Manchester can simulate about 8 millions synapses. Spinnaker 2 that TU Dresden is building is ten times larger, but as I said they have a small budget. If they receive billions and with a bit of luck other things improve, we could get 80 billion/trillion simulated synapses or more. Not enough for a full simulation of a brain but maybe good enough for some of Altman's proposals.


DarkCeldori t1_ja5x5s0 wrote

The cortex is where general intelligence lay and that has about 60 trillion synapses of which only like 1 to 2% are active at any moment. Inactive synapses need not be simulated.


el_chaquiste t1_ja4ht2z wrote

Yeah, sounds like over-hype.

LLMs and transformer NNs, despite their impressiveness, aren't magical. They won't turn water into wine or multiply bread and fishes to feed the poor.

They are just another piece on the creation of a self replicating industrial ecosystem based on robots and AI. Which might never be 100% free of human intervention.