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Ok_Ask9516 t1_ja83pp5 wrote

I don’t think they only use Chinese text data


dasnihil t1_ja86nmf wrote

respecting boundaries and copyright has never been a human thing. and china is worst at that anyway.


ArthurParkerhouse t1_ja88sx1 wrote

"Intellectual Property" is the thing that has locked scientific knowledge and data behind expensive middle-man paywalls in the west, so I don't really blame them for taking strong actions to promote open science.


dasnihil t1_ja8a8cx wrote

i whole heartedly agree. human knowledge & human art should never be a part of monetization and competition. these are our collective effort for dealing with our situation of just existing without any inherent purpose. and we dumb monkeys made those 2 things very toxic over the centuries. science is now totally unreachable for an average person and art is a lost concept among prominent artists, let alone laymen.


Capitaclism t1_jaard23 wrote

Wrong. IP is what makes the wheel of investment move to create more IP. Remove the incentive and you will find progress slowing to a halt. Who in their sane kind would put money into a venture they don't own?

They're just taking shortcuts. Watch them hoard and protect IP once they develop it. Everyone wants to be on top, that is the way of the world, no different for China than for the US, or any other country... Just don't use that to justify stealing...


ArthurParkerhouse t1_jab6xjh wrote

Thanks for sharing your opinion.


Capitaclism t1_jabajgk wrote

Thank you for sharing yours as well.

Mine comes as an investor, and also owner of a few different businesses, one of which is tech related, where I own a few IPs.

I wouldn't invest in anything without a clear and substantial return which likely involves ownership of some sort, including IP when appropriate.

Other investors I know think similarly, or they'd have very short careers, so take it or leave it.


Good luck.


QuantumPossibilities t1_ja8i0k0 wrote

I agree with your premise but categorizing what the Chinese government is doing as "open science" is a bit of a stretch. Who are they sharing it with exactly besides their own government institutions or government backed companies? It's not like China is sharing their AI with the rest of the global scientific community to promote humanity.


ArthurParkerhouse t1_ja8tosc wrote

I'm not sure what you mean exactly? There's plenty of freely accessible Chinese sites to grab Chinese research papers and scientific journals from. They're not in English for the most part so you'd have to translate them.


QuantumPossibilities t1_ja90chb wrote

I mean they aren't sharing the most cutting edge material or the substantial amount of data used to build these networks. Here it's held by the collectors...Google, Tesla, Open A/I, NSA, etc. There the government (with the help of business) is the primary collector. All intellectual property there is the property of the government.


R1chterScale t1_ja8qoau wrote

China publishes the most scientific papers in AI of any country so there is definitely some degree of sharing going on.


HiddenPalm t1_jaafso0 wrote

So you're saying China should share their scientific discoveries with DARPA?


iiioiia t1_ja8iiwo wrote

> and china is worst at that anyway.

Which is a huge advantage.