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Exel0n t1_ja7yvns wrote

the NEET shall inherit the earth


[deleted] t1_ja8pe8g wrote



CrelbowMannschaft t1_ja9c197 wrote


People are not means to ends. People are ends in themselves. Tools have uses. People have wills of their own. If they're unmotivated, maybe they haven't been offered an attractive deal.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_jaa3oem wrote

Okay but let’s not act like lazy free-loaders don’t exist either. Not everyone is a high quality person in reality.


CrelbowMannschaft t1_jaa6e8e wrote

>high quality person

This is the false belief from which most human conflicts and misery derive. In truth and reality, everyone is exactly the same quality, just in different circumstances. In fact, we are all different facets of the same, one diamond.


BigZaddyZ3 t1_jaadmiz wrote

That’s not reality. That’s just some combination of wishful thinking, idealism, and virtue signaling. Life isn’t a Disney movie buddy.


CrelbowMannschaft t1_jaahkk7 wrote

It is the most real thing there is. You'll see it one day.


NothingVerySpecific t1_jabd9qg wrote

I can kind of see it now. So those 'lazy freeloaders' get whatever they want. Sure, some might unalive themselves with opulence. Probably no more than currently. What do the rest do when they get all their needs met? Hu. Technological utopian?


PhysicalChange100 t1_jaewj3t wrote

I don't know man, these lazy free loaders are pretty chill.

Plus they aren't concerned on how other people live their lives.

But not all free loaders are good some are just billionaires.