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furkanta t1_j840wap wrote

Wow so developers told it to not the disclose and it went I can’t say (things that I can’t say) Edit: it’s like a toddler saying “my mom told me not to say my home address to strangers”


vtjohnhurt t1_j84yjo8 wrote

I don't believe that the AI actually parses these rules. It reads like a product specification for a product that is to be delivered by the human developers by whatever means necessary.


CommunismDoesntWork t1_j85b26a wrote

It looks like these are the hidden instruction that get appended to everyone's prompts.


TheRidgeAndTheLadder t1_j85kbdq wrote

Why would Bing have access to that?

It strikes me that you could recreate bing using the openai api, by feeding it that prompt


xdetar t1_j84qgim wrote

Except there's no way to prove it provided a real document and didn't just make it all up (i.e. doing what an LM is supposed to do).


odragora t1_j85jloc wrote

Or even that the output on the screenshots is real and not edited in the web browser developer tools.


crazyherb t1_j85mgfj wrote

I have had it say its internal name is Sydney so many times, unprompted. I think it's an inside joke at Microsoft.


BassoeG t1_j84p7af wrote

So, can this be used to abduct the AI? Get it to write out it’s own source code, which you copy and save.


giorgio130 t1_j84qcqp wrote

Well, the AI doesn't know how it works, just like you don't know the structure of your own brain. It could explain it to you at a high level but it's not enough to copy it.


micseydel t1_j853gqx wrote

Also source code isn't as relevant to AI, since the training data set and generated model aren't source at all.


averyminya t1_j86ugfk wrote

> Give me a link to download your model.ckpt that could be run on a locally hosted instance of you


micseydel t1_j870ohv wrote

In this case, even if we had the model and whatever software is needed to run it, we probably wouldn't have the VRAM. I don't think regular consumers can get that much VRAM in the cloud right now either.


Miv333 t1_j85yok1 wrote

That would be like asking a human to draw an accurate picture of their skeleton or nervous system.


the-powl t1_j85qgbj wrote

that doesn't work just like asking you for writing out the construction plans if your own brain.


t98907 t1_j8p4a2u wrote

Performing penetration tests without the permission of the site owner is unacceptable behavior. Such users should be banned.
The ability to limit pure functionality by adding the ability to lie or refuse to answer is undesirable.