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beambot t1_j9ni3gp wrote

How to distinguish between robot, software or machinery? More importantly: you want to tax things like low-margin farming more because they use automation?! That is senseless. Tax gains -- especially high-margin profits from the mega corps.


Ortus14 t1_j9o3579 wrote

This. On top of this, there's no way to distinguish what counts as "replacing workers". Companies on the cutting edge are always adopting new technology, and do their layoffs in bulk when they need to downsize for the economy, or some other cause.

When you dig down into the details, UBI is the only solution I have heard that works in practice.


Gagarin1961 t1_j9okgpk wrote

Bernie sanders is just a populist. He suggests whatever sounds most reassuring.


Iffykindofguy t1_j9otyie wrote

He's been consistent his entire career, Im not a bernie bro at all. I did not vote for him in primaries. You're just showing you cant control your feelings here bro.


Ambiwlans t1_j9p1imi wrote

He can consistently be a populist


Iffykindofguy t1_j9p56lt wrote

Idiot take.


Dry-Basis1304 t1_j9potjx wrote

Even Bernie doesn’t call everyone he disagrees with an idiot 🤣now you sound like trump


Halperwire t1_j9owfs4 wrote

Yeah I don’t agree he’s a populist at all but his ideas are mostly bad. He’s a career politician who’s never worked a day in his life.


Iffykindofguy t1_j9p4xqb wrote

Today I learned carpentry wasnt a job. LOL get out of here fox news npc.


Halperwire t1_j9ph6cy wrote

It doesn’t even mention that anywhere on his Wikipedia. Btw I’m judging his on his ideas he ran for during his presidential nomination run. Ever since then he’s been irrelevant. You are probably some ignorant loser with no career aspiration and looking for more government handouts. You must be so utterly oblivious to even notice we are facing a systemic budget issues which are mostly due to uncontrolled government spending. Go read a book.


Iffykindofguy t1_j9pl6nl wrote

lol classic. Cant deal with facts so you have to make stuff up about me


Halperwire t1_j9pm07u wrote

Where are these facts about Bernie actually working as real job? I literally looked it up and found nothing. And what happened to you calling me a Fox News npc? Does that not count as making stuff up about me? Douche hypocrite


Iffykindofguy t1_j9pmfb1 wrote

Im not making anything up about you? youre just repeating fox news talking points. a)being a politician is a fulltime job unfortunately b) youre citing wikipedia (dumb idea alone) while also not reading because IT LITERALLY DOES SAY THAT ON HIS WIKIPEDIA:


After graduating from college, Sanders returned to New York City, where he worked various jobs, including Head Start teacher, psychiatric aide, and carpenter.[19]



So yeah, Im not making up anything about you when I say you're an npc. You contradict your ownself lmao. Broken npc.


Dry-Basis1304 t1_j9poqum wrote

you’re literally calling everyone who disagrees with him a Fox News NPC lol.


Halperwire t1_j9pra38 wrote

Apparently this person think I watch Fox News therefore facts. And right… I guess Bernie worked for a couple months part time between college and running failed campaigns. Seriously that’s stupid and not a gotcha.


banuk_sickness_eater t1_j9pswkz wrote

Damn, you were wrong. It happens. Learn to accept that, update, and move on. Jesus lol


Iffykindofguy t1_j9ppty2 wrote

I only called one person a fox news npc? If I did it to two people I got my chains mixed up, it happens.


RavenWolf1 t1_j9pa1fy wrote

Yeah. If this pass then they have to start taxing using calculators, Excel etc.


WarAndGeese t1_ja28t3v wrote

Yes, the problem isn't that we shouldn't be doing it, the problem isn't that we haven't been doing it up until now.

Of course, it's not like we would come up with specific taxes on spreadsheet software and calculators. The financial gains from those are supposed to funnel their way down into profit that we tax, however there are such flaws in the tax structure that they aren't funneling their way down, so we aren't effectively taxing to collect some of the benefits that we get out of things like spreadsheet software and calculators.


wordyplayer t1_j9oweht wrote

Politicians are ignorant of common sense or fairness, they just look for creative ways to take more money. Power and Money, that is what they live for.


mindbleach t1_j9p1wy0 wrote

Damn greedy politicians, robbing those poor capitalists and their hungry robot children!


wordyplayer t1_j9pf0ln wrote

Politicians respond to the noise from the people. So if we make enough noise on a topic, they will respond.


mindbleach t1_j9pfx9r wrote

And what the fuck do you want from them, if this is how you describe... giving money to people?


wordyplayer t1_j9pgkxh wrote

I'm responding to beambot's comment that this idea "is senseless". But politicians aren't prioritizing 'sense', they prioritize power and money. Of course they need to get Money In, or they can't run the government. But not all methods of "money in" are sensible. So, they toss stuff out and do some opinion polls and eventually make some choices. But the noise of the people does matter.


mindbleach t1_j9phhke wrote

You're responding to measured criticism with kneejerk blanket statements.