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mindbleach t1_j9p1wy0 wrote

Damn greedy politicians, robbing those poor capitalists and their hungry robot children!


wordyplayer t1_j9pf0ln wrote

Politicians respond to the noise from the people. So if we make enough noise on a topic, they will respond.


mindbleach t1_j9pfx9r wrote

And what the fuck do you want from them, if this is how you describe... giving money to people?


wordyplayer t1_j9pgkxh wrote

I'm responding to beambot's comment that this idea "is senseless". But politicians aren't prioritizing 'sense', they prioritize power and money. Of course they need to get Money In, or they can't run the government. But not all methods of "money in" are sensible. So, they toss stuff out and do some opinion polls and eventually make some choices. But the noise of the people does matter.


mindbleach t1_j9phhke wrote

You're responding to measured criticism with kneejerk blanket statements.