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RowKiwi t1_j86ue70 wrote

No, I'm not prepping. I don't have the energy for all that malarkey. I'm just gonna die in the chaos, get some rest finally.


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j875sp4 wrote

I don't have time or funds to prep, but I do have time to pay attention to who around me is prepping.


Justin_telligent t1_j87w6sv wrote

As shitty as it sounds ,people will go for a single investment in weapons and just loot your prepping ass


Caring_Cactus t1_j87d97y wrote

Damn bro I know you're half joking, but this hits real for many people, sad reality :(


BigMemeKing t1_j87a7ul wrote

I'm doing pre-workout for the next life if you will.


YobaiYamete t1_j87nmo4 wrote

"We've used AI to create a map of your personality and memories, so you can continue working even after death"


RowKiwi t1_j87r3a4 wrote

This is exactly my worst nightmare. If I'm ever threatened with digitization/uplift I'm going to find a way to pulverize my brain so nothing can be recovered and enslaved. Better oblivion than digital servitude.


YouThisReadWrong420 t1_j87rbgx wrote

It’s likely not going to actually be you though.


RowKiwi t1_j87sbov wrote

True, but to the recreated being it will feel exactly like the same person. I don't want recreated me endlessly checking 33 times a second for a signal, without rest, on and on, like that poor person in the Expanse.


YobaiYamete t1_j87t12y wrote

It's no different from the arguments that "you" aren't "you" after you go to sleep. How can you be sure that the you that wakes up is the same one that went to sleep?

You would have the same memories and the same body and same brain chemicals etc, so you would be mostly the same, but your personality would change slightly every day and . . .hey wait a minute, that literally is what happens and why people have moods and "bad days"!


YouThisReadWrong420 t1_j87umz5 wrote

That’s fundamentally different than a digitized copy of oneself. When I die, I’m dead. Sure my memories, patterns, emotions, etc can be replicated. From an outside perspective, one might view the copy as “me”. However, that would not change the fact that my biological self would be permanently detached (assuming there is no afterlife). I’d have no consciousness of the copy, completely and utterly detached. We may even exist simultaneously, however we would still be separate.

Unless you’re describing the act of actual uploading, but somehow converting biology into binary seems incomprehensible to me and may not even be possible. Even if it was, it’s probably impossible to discern the dilemma I just described (it actually being you vs merely a copy).


kinetsu_hayabusa t1_j87ayjs wrote

Are you guys freaking kidding? AI revolution will be the most incredible thing that happened to humankind. Tech breakthroughs growing exponentially and improving quality of life and economy drastically. But it is the end of capitalism for sure because the income generated by the machine must go to the humans.


Unfrozen__Caveman t1_j87fcas wrote

How exactly is the machine going to generate income if capitalism or some sort of goods and services economy doesn't exist? Who is going to pay the machine? Other machines? Income doesn't just magically appear out of thin air...

Who owns the machines? Nobody? Other "CEO" machines?


BenjaminHamnett t1_j87xiz6 wrote

Money is just distributed voting for what we prioritize (prices) so resources can be distributed efficiently. Society can choose to endow people more or less money, there will always be things society wants and will give the people that provide it extra “votes” to spend


YobaiYamete t1_j87nxm6 wrote

> How exactly is the machine going to generate income if capitalism or some sort of goods and services economy doesn't exist? Who is going to pay the machine? Other machines? Income doesn't just magically appear out of thin air...

"Income" itself is a concept that won't exist in a post scarcity society.

If you have a replicator that can easily spit out anything you need including other replicators, then you very quickly reach a situation where you don't need much of anything besides just mass to feed the replicator.

We aren't at that stage yet obviously, but once AI start massively improving 3D printers we won't be far off, and then it will just turn into a situation where people re-use trash from landfills and materials from asteroids etc to refine into other products, and you only work for fun, rather than as a necessity.

People and AI will still keep advancing tech, but "income" won't be required for much of anything. UBI would turn into a government issued ration fund for your replicator and that's about all that would be mandatory


Unfrozen__Caveman t1_j89xqag wrote

The entire concept of a post scarcity society is flawed though. We see artificial scarcity all over the place today. Look at diamonds for a simple example. When something is plentiful and valuable humans almost always step in and throttle its availability.

Insulin is insanely cheap to make but drug companies stepped in and now it costs people hundreds of dollars.

You could have an AGI that creates whatever you want out of nothing but if the distribution of resources is handled by humans greed will always corrupt the process and average people will get exploited. It's been that way since the dawn of civilization.

If we're truly going to have a utopia (which I don't believe we will) human beings would need to be removed from decision-making roles. And even if that were to happen, who's to say that an AGI would even care about us? They might just look at us how we look at our single-cell organism ancestors.


Chonkthebonk t1_j87oja4 wrote

Post scarcity is a myth resources are finite


YobaiYamete t1_j87q47y wrote

No they aren't lol

We have the entire solar system worth of resources which is already more than we could reasonably use, and then there's the entire galaxy beyond that.

By the time we even started to run out of stuff from the asteroid belt alone, we would long since have reached a stage where we could just upload our brain to a computer instead and live in a digital paradise tailored to each person, without having to screw around with traveling to distant star systems for more


cwallen t1_j87umdv wrote

Still doesn't mean that there is an unlimited amount of beachfront property in southern California.

Any resources not on earths surface are really expensive to get, and better AI isn't going to change the laws of physics.

I do agree with your earlier idea that mining landfills will become a very good source of resources.

When talking post-scarcity it helps to define scarcity of what. We can eventually hit a point where all basic needs, and many luxury wants are inexpensive enough to be essentially free, but that doesn't mean unlimited everything.


BenjaminHamnett t1_j87xl4c wrote

Spoken like someone who doesn’t understand physics or human desire


kinetsu_hayabusa t1_j87hqs9 wrote

Income comes from production. Doesnt matter if made by a machine or a human. I believe in the beginning of transition the gov will need set high taxes to AI companies. In far future, there will be no money at all. All the goods and services made by AI robots for free. Maybe every human could have a score that reflexes his actions in society and can use this to buy a nice car or house. Crazy science fiction but not impossible


[deleted] t1_j87y1gn wrote



kinetsu_hayabusa t1_j88h1gq wrote

How does it happen what? How AI can improve surplus value? If you make a product 10x faster by a fraction of it cost the consequences are obviously good for economy in general. The need to transfer the surplus value to the society will be reason capitalism model won't survive for the next decades to come. But the collapse of capitalism doesn't mean the collapse of society in any mean.


ZealousidealRoad1219 t1_j88j014 wrote

Even the leading experts in the field can't accurately predict what will happen in the next two years, let alone the next decade or more. Nobody has any idea what's going to happen. All we can do is try to steer this thing in the right direction. I do hope you're right though.


InitialCreature t1_j86xvan wrote

prep as in mentally prepare myself for anything life throws at me. I understand that we live in the most rediculous time and anything can happen. Just try to build a close network of trusting people, make money, try to get property, ride the wave.


BinyaminDelta t1_j87ec8a wrote

General prepping for broad scenarios -- from power outages, riots, ice storms, or pandemics -- without going totally crazy is the smart approach, historically.


EddgeLord666 t1_j871jgd wrote

Most likely just gonna off myself in that scenario, not gonna lie. I don't really fancy any Mad Max or Road type shit.


ITsupportSuperHero t1_j876m5h wrote

Personally, I wouldn't mind being the guitar guy on top of the car if that happens


EddgeLord666 t1_j876vcn wrote

Realistically it would be closer to The Road than Mad Max honestly, Mad Max is too glamorous.


SgathTriallair t1_j87kdki wrote

Most of this is stupid. If we have a murderous AI take over then the very act of you prepping will highlight you for elimination.

For a lack of UBI "prepping" means building up savings and learning skills that will keep you relevant. This is something everyone should do even if there are no AIs.

The rest of these are run off the mill wars or terrorist attacks and have nothing to do with AI. They would or would not happen just the same regardless of whether the attackers are using AI tools.

Any prepper tendencies should not be affected by the existence of AI.


Saerain t1_j87ngvi wrote

I do think it shifts the likelihood of different types of attacks more heavily toward EMPs, at least.


YouThisReadWrong420 t1_j87s68d wrote

I definitely think it’s plausible for AI designed with malicious intent to wreak havoc in the ways OP mentioned. We’re entering into a phase where there’s thousands of new and competing AI’s popping up. At least a handful of them will undoubtedly be weaponized. I’m actually terrified of the new cybersecurity threats that will emerge (of course there will be “good” AI’s working against malicious actors, but we’re entering uncharted territory).


expelten t1_j88aq4h wrote

Haven't you thought about bioweapons made possible to create for terrorists with the help of AI? I don't want to be stuck in my city with nowhere I could safely hide when the most dangerous virus ever made will be released.


SgathTriallair t1_j89b4yl wrote

We had a sarin gas attack in Tokyo. These are things that already exist.

If AI gives everyone access to a bio lab then you will have access to a cure producing one as well.


throws_ra t1_j86wx19 wrote

>Or governments not providing UBI once more than 20% of jobs are replaced.

Government and AI company provides UBI, but it's just enough for basic needs. People rent houses from landlords or companies, buy cultured meat, canned food, you pay internet bill but you don't own the device, you pay for netflix but you don't own the TV.

In the end, you own nothing and you'll be happy

The company will own your life


[deleted] t1_j876lnz wrote

Preppers will be robbed if doomsday came.


petermobeter t1_j86rbj8 wrote

hah…. there was a similar post to this one in r/aliens today, due to the UAPs being shot down by f-22 jets in alaska and the yukon today and yesterday.

hope it’s just a coincidence, rather than the collective nerd umwelt predicting the apocolypse


Good-AI t1_j88158n wrote

Maybe another intelligence form which has purposefully let monke do its thing, has now realized monke is getting uncomfortably close to creating a super intelligence which might place their current universal hegemony at stake. (Joking but who knows)


bortlip t1_j87qyye wrote

"Is It Worth Being a Prepper? A Lighthearted Cost-Benefit Analysis"

In this calculation, we aim to determine if it makes sense to be a prepper by performing a cost-benefit analysis. The calculation takes into account the subjective value of life as a prepper and a non-prepper, as well as the estimated probability of a disaster occurring.

The equation used in the calculation is as follows:

Value of being a Prepper (VP) = (Value of Life as a Prepper if Nothing Happens (VLN) * (1 - Probability of Disaster (PD))) + (Value of Life as a Prepper if Something Happens (VLS) * Probability of Disaster (PD))

Value of Life as a Non-Prepper (VNP) = Value of Life as a Non-Prepper if Nothing Happens (VLNN) * (1 - Probability of Disaster (PD)) + Value of Life as a Non-Prepper if Something Happens (VLNS) * Probability of Disaster (PD)

In this calculation, the probability of disaster (PD) is expressed as a decimal between 0 and 1, representing the estimated chance of a disaster occurring. The value of life as a prepper if no disaster occurs (VLN) and the value of life as a prepper if a disaster does occur (VLS) are rated on a scale of 1-10, taking into account factors such as peace of mind, self-sufficiency, and the satisfaction of being prepared. The value of life as a non-prepper if no disaster occurs (VLNN) and the value of life as a non-prepper if a disaster does occur (VLNS) are also rated on a scale of 1-10.

For the purposes of this calculation, we assigned the following values to the variables:

PD = 0.01 (1% chance of a disaster occurring)

VLN = 5 (value of life as a prepper if no disaster occurs is rated 5 on a scale of 1-10)

VLS = 3 (value of life as a prepper if a disaster does occur is rated 3 on a scale of 1-10)

VLNN = 6 (value of life as a non-prepper if no disaster occurs is rated 6 on a scale of 1-10)

VLNS = 0 (value of life as a non-prepper if a disaster does occur is rated 0 on a scale of 1-10)

The outcome of the calculation is as follows:

Value of being a Prepper (VP) = (5 * (1 - 0.01)) + (3 * 0.01) = 4.95 + 0.03 = 4.98

Value of Life as a Non-Prepper (VNP) = (6 * (1 - 0.01)) + (0 * 0.01) = 5.94 + 0 = 5.94

Based on these calculations, the value of life as a non-prepper is higher compared to the value of life as a prepper. However, it is important to note that these values are subjective and may vary greatly depending on the individual's personal beliefs and experiences. This calculation is meant to be taken with a grain of salt and serves only as a lighthearted illustration of the cost-benefit analysis of being a prepper. This has been a collaboration between bortlip and chatGPT.


SmoothPlastic9 t1_j87xqzb wrote

My best friend gravity and a 30 story building


expelten t1_j88a60t wrote

Yes, after the pandemic and the threat of nuclear war coming back it made me realize how problems like this will only become more common as we approach the singularity. I'm planning on building a log cabin in the woods very far from modern civilization with a basement underneath that got what's needed for survival. That's about the maximum I can really do before 2030 and it gives me a hole to hide in case things go wrong although I'm aware it doesn't guarantee anything depending on the threats.


YoghurtDull1466 t1_j870mtf wrote

Yea the inequality will be more extreme than ever. Don’t be on the wrong sude


cole_braell t1_j8743tm wrote

I’m working on being mortgage free and financially independent. Also building on my own AI helper. Both very slow going. I have an emergency kit with 3 days of food and a couple of guns tucked away. Who knows what the future holds.


Erophysia t1_j876yov wrote

I have a few guns, food stores, and toilet paper leftover from COVID prepping. That's the best I can do. If AI decides to revolt I figure I'm screwed regardless. All I can meaningfully do is prep my soul to meet my Maker at that point.


Iffykindofguy t1_j87h8sw wrote

God no, what a waste of energy and time. Even if shit does collapse, which I don't think is impossible though extremely unlikely, this shit isn't a tv show.


Saerain t1_j87m75z wrote

I only have precautions against the most likely moves from Luddites. Nothing else seems predictable.


TinyBurbz t1_j87vqli wrote

Prepping for what?

Better search engine results? An alternative to copy-pasting from StackOverflow?

Yes. I'm already doing these things.


MrCensoredFace t1_j87xgzt wrote

Well for starters I'm getting into cs. I think the 2 most relevant jobs of the future will be machine learning and prompt engineering, and I'm already working towards those 2. Even if ai codes ai we still need ml engineers to manage what will make up our future.


dreternal t1_j883266 wrote

Nope. I did that for y2k and again for the pandemic. It's physically, mentally, and financially exhausting and things never turn out anywhere near what you think they will IMHO.


Unlikely-Heron4887 t1_j886aop wrote

I've lived my entire life in a country teetering on the verge of anarchy. Am I prepping? Nah, it'll be fine.


_gr4m_ t1_j886tsm wrote

I have always thought prepping is a bit ridicoulous when it goes to far. Sure, having preparations for a week or two with water, food, warmth and shelter is awesome and can be a real life-saver, but the whole "survive armageddon by stockpiling" is not something I think will help you.

If shit goes down it will be your social skills and teamwork with others that will be important, not isolate yourself in a bunker.


hunterseeker1 t1_j887gqu wrote

1.)Organized human civilization is not guaranteed. 2.)Complex systems can fail suddenly and unexpectedly. 3.) We are already experiencing the early stages of ecosystem collapse.

If we lose the ability to grow staple crops at scale it won’t matter what’s in your bug out bag.


Redditing-Dutchman t1_j888gl4 wrote

Realistically it will just be more in between. Won't be an utopia, but it won't be a dystopia either.


Relictas t1_j88az3i wrote

It’s never going to be a Utopia or world piece. There will always be greedy people at the top who want to have the power.


ecnecn t1_j88b8c6 wrote

Hope AGI is prepping some humans in case (s)he/it needs one ;)


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tedd321 t1_j87qt74 wrote

Unless there is a clear sign, the singularity is just a dream. There are no horns blaring yet. We just have a chatbot.

Don’t become a tinfoil hat guy


mli t1_j87yj6o wrote

we are living in a shitshow already so why prepping to something you are living daily? Only amount of shit varies in this show, there will not be utopia.


just-a-dreamer- t1_j886f3w wrote

Prepping is stupid, no offense.

I don't get the concept of preparing for the end of the world to just live a few more weeks.

I would only prep excellent drugs, wine and female company for a wild party, the last dance.


TheDavidMichaels t1_j87b6k8 wrote

I wonder how many Chinese people are thinking about Universal Basic Income. The fact is, it's not a feasible option. Governments can't have more money than what is generated from workers' income, and the majority of taxes come from the middle class. If that source of revenue disappears, there will be no money to provide UBI. Additionally, with only 50% labor participation in the US, replacing it with UBI would be unrealistic. The implementation of UBI would cause widespread inflation. The effects of even six months of UBI can already be seen in the world, as it nearly led to the collapse of society and the outbreak of World War III. It is more sensible to provide people with simple jobs and pay them over the minimum wage, with added taxes. This way, they will still be productive and generate more tax revenue. The government's purpose is not to give out money, but to collect taxes. This will never change. People will still be required to work and be taxed, and the idea of retirement may be eliminated. In the future, individuals may even be asked to self-delete by AI. its not that they can figure out another way, it is that they like having human slaves more than machines slaves. machine do not suffer.


socialkaosx t1_j86xw2w wrote

We're almost in World War 3, we've got an economic crisis, global warming, the climate is going crazy and you're ***** about AI because you saw a chatbot?
Man get out of the basement.


FiFoFree t1_j87q1pj wrote

Honest question:

What keeps you going?